Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Its SO dark

As usual for this time of year I am hitting that season when as soon as it gets dark (between 4pm and 5pm) it feels like PJ time.
All I want to do is get home and hunker down in front of the fire in PJs with a book or Netflix.
In the summer this time is the start of the evening and of all thing possible - beach walks, BBQs, riding, walking, hanging out in the pool etc....
Why is it so hard to do anything now?
I have the same, albeit cold, time available in the evening as I had all year. I just dont want to do a thing in that time except get ready for bed.
Maybe bears have the right idea....

Saturday, 24 November 2018

How are we feeling today?

So... its 48 hours since I stop existing on FB and so far I have found the following to be true about me:
  • I have way more time. I even made soup on the first evening for lunch the next day. I dont think I have ever done that and it made me aware of how much I havent been doing.
  • I have been looking around more at my home and really noticing it, in colour, like really looking at it.
  • I am interacting more with everyone, including the pets.
  • I like Instagram, but I am sure thats because I hardly follow anyone I know but the ones I do follow are in the Keys, or RV-ing around the US, or post amazing photos of Colorado or Arizona or wherever they are on the planet.
  • There, so far, is no political, religious, argumentative or negative BS in my Instagram feed and I am on it for like 10 mins, max. On FB an hour would slide away easily.
  • I am back to reading my blogs so instead of reading a ton of bitchy comments on a FB post and feeling low about how shitty people generally are, I instead feel happy, enlightened, informed, free.... OF.IT.ALL
  • I have watched a lot of Gossip Girl. Its nice to have real escapism, in my home, without welcoming hundreds of strangers online comments and arguments in too.
  • I like how my thumbs no longer ache from constant scrolling.
  • Yesterday, at lunchtime I ordered my groceries online, did some research into flying from YHZ to XNA and how much hotels cost in Arkansas and perused some webcams in the Keys. I havent looked at those webcams for years.
  • I am learning how to use things like Google photos for saving my photos instead. I realize most of the world already knows how to use Google photos but I dont. I am going to change all that.
  • I am decidedly happier, already (and isnt that what life is meant to be about anyway?!).

Oreo on Friday evening

Kennedy, right now, as I write this.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Deactivating Facebook

Its come, D-Day.
I was in Cape Breton back in August and I read, on FB interestingly enough, a post by someone who deactivated their FB account. It was really interesting reading. I was sat, at the time, overlooking the most beautiful scenery, with a coffee at about 6.30am. The coffee was wonderful, the birds were singing, the sound of the ocean in the bay was soothing. I was aware of NONE OF IT as I had my nose in everyones business online.

I noodled this idea on and off for the rest of the day and on and off have considered it since. And did nothing about it.

I spend a lot of time on FB, needlessly scrolling, looking at stuff I am not interested in and feeling the opinions of way too many people in my home and becoming fed up, on a regular basis, with all the passive agressive memes that I see most days.
(pet hate of mine is passive agressive BS - I mean really... say what you want to that person)..

So today, with trepidation and trembling fingers (yeah seriously) I deactivated my account. And felt immediately like I had lost a bad relationship. I was lost, instantly, even with all my wishes to leave, like I had just felt a tremendous loss.

So right now whats going through my head is thoughts on how I will find the info I need (Google), follow the people I want to (Blogs), know if its a snow day at school (School website) and be up to date on the weather (google again).

I have become so needy of FB that its actually ridiculous.

Lets see how the remainder of the week goes.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

where to be on my 45th

The other night we were at dinner with friends and the conversation covered what we wanted to do for our 45th birthdays and where we wanted to be doing it....and I got to thinking about where I wanted to be for that pretty sizeable birthday...
Thankfully its far enough off to allow for some saving (ha! we laugh at the idea of having enough spare cash to actually save for anything, but one can dream)

If all the stars aligned and we had the cash and my oldest could be out of school for it (unlikely) then I think I would like to be in Tranquility Bay resort in Marathon. I have been stalking that resort on FB for a couple of years now and its all kinds of idyllic and expensive. I would also like to revisit old Key West haunts just to see how it hits me ( emotionally or nothing?)  Key West used to be my personal paradise but amongst all the beauty there is a degree of major tackiness that I steered my kids away from from the moment they could read.

I wonder if its possible...

Friday, 10 August 2018

1999 to present day

I remember back in April 1999 as I, (travelling alone and delayed by 10 hours), came out of Miami international airport to be hit by the heat and humidity and the sound of crickets. Even exhauisted as I was, I felt that I had truly reached paradise.
I recall that hotel night, the next day breakfast and the ride to the Keys in a Greyhound bus. We went through Homestead and made our way down the chain of islands until we entered the city limits of Key West. I encountered strange and interesting people on this adventure at 24 years old.
That evening I sat on a bar stool at a locals haunt in Geiger Key and drank a pina colada as the sun set and felt again that I had found myself in paradise. The emotion, the overwhelming amazement at just being there is still a strong memory.

The years that followed found us, Paul and I, back in Florida as often as financially possible. We endured 9 hour flights once a year (once we got to do it twice :-) ) for two blissful weeks. We added Orlando to this bliss and Bahama Bay where our children learned to swim in the hot tub there, and then St Augustine with its Prairie Creek.
We started to bring our children up with Florida in their lives. People used to think that the draw was the theme parks and the shopping, and while the theme parks are great, it was actually inane things like stop signs, crickets, heat, drive through coffee, different wildlife, fresh seafood, space in house, wood floors, firepits, cinammon rolls, pontiacs and chevrolets etc. Add to that funky restaurants - Conch House, Mangrove Mamas, Mangoes, Creekside Dinery, Bahama Breeze, Tradewinds.... (even the names are romantic and tropical).

When I was in Florida I used to walk, endlessly, soaking it all in. When we left I sobbed all the way to the airport. Arriving back in the UK I would then spend the next 50 weeks of the year planning 2 weeks when I could live in the present moment.

Fast forward to present day where I very much live in the present moment and have done now for 7 years.
Returning to Florida is still a trip of the heart. That drive to the Keys through Homestead down fills me with the same emotion. Orlando makes me feel like I am in paradise still. The only difference is when I am not there, I dont live waiting for the next time.
Summer here in Nova Scotia on Canadas East Coast is quintessentially that Spring that we enjoy in Florida. Same heat, same humidity, same crickets. Its called the Maritimes for a reason and it has the same laid back friendliness. Its a Canadian Florida Keys to me.

I love this Key West bumper sticker

It has beautiful beaches, seafood and the very same cinammon rolls. Stop signs and drivethrough coffee, along with a large spacious home, pool and a hot tub is my everyday. My July and August is that 2 precious weeks that I used to live for.
The rest of the year is very much Canadian which is everything I envisaged it to be.

So freakin blessed.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

love July

As seems to be normal for July its been freaking hot. Thankfully not (so far, touch wood) wildfire hot like its been in California (new normal?) and Greece where people are seriously in trouble, but definitely hot.
We have constant heat warnings as hot air masses hang around causing high humidity and temps in the early 30's. I do indeed love it.

I love walking the dogs at 6.30am. Its such a pleasure to see the neighbourhood at that time of day. Hanging out in the pool after work is also so joyous and I am so grateful we have it.
Last Sunday morning I woke early at 6.30am and it was summer dark. That kind of dark thats not really dark but does allow for all the little lights to be put on around that make the ambience so adorable. I was a happy bunny (small things please me).

Unfortunately due to the intense heat it hasnt been a good riding month for Ace and I. I just dont want to ride hard in this weather, I dont think its fair on him and frankly its not enjoyable. I may have to come to the conclusion that July isnt a riding month really due to heat. It seems so far that March to June are easy to ride in (obvs the temps change but they are do-able) and then September to December. I think August is pretty similar to July in that you really need to get it in in the early morning. Not really possible on a working day.

Happy birthday mum

Thursday, 26 July 2018

A little beach photo shoot

We were fortunate enough to have a beach mini photo shoot that turned out well. We are so very fortunate to have great beaches here in NS and every year I say I will spend one day every weekend on the beach.
So far, I have failed, again, in this plan.
Its almost the end of July and the only beach we have set foot on is this one for the photos.