Friday, 30 April 2021

April update

 Its been a few months, I shall summarize below:


Was diagnosed with kissing spine in March after I noticed he had a really sore back. After this soul destroying (at the time) news we jumped into action. He wasnt ridden really since January and we had been working together on the ground. He's now receiving spine injections, acupuncture and massage and strengthening through pessoa work and a carefully laid out ridden agenda. I moved to a new coach who specializes in both the pessoa and hunters. 

Discovered I could still have hunter dreams despite this news as long as we follow the vets advice and started to have a lighter heart and fresh hope.

First day back on after his saddle fit:


It had been quiet here in the Maritimes re: covid but lately with the introduction of the variants we are now back in lockdown. The girls are on day 2 of homeschool and the barn and life is back to mega restrictions.

I am a bit more scared than I probably was before, if thats possible. I feel like this is warfare against something we cant see and I want to be a survivor along with everyone I know.


Because of Covid I am back to only being able to watch Fishmonster each day and just wishing I could book a trip to Florida. Who knows how long it will be just a dream.


Is good.

Me personally:

I started a weight-loss journey with Noom on December 24th as I was so tired of being at 198lbs. I had been used to 195lbs after being used to 192lbs and I was so over it. With Ducks back issues I finally decided to do something about it. Today I am 173.6lbs and still going. I have a whole new outlook on food and for that I am thankful.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

January 2021 so far

 January so far...

Has been unseasonably warm. Apart from a couple of days we have gotten away with warmer temps. I think yesterday marked the change but so far I am grateful for the first half. I hope that this doesnt mean that winter is just late and will last until June.

I am trying to consider how I look at food and what food I like to eat and what that food actually is. I spend a lot of time trying to make willpower last but we all know that its only around for a while so instead of battling I am attempting to reset my mind, please wish me luck.

Currently I am yearning for a trip down South. Its not happening of course with Covid still around in all its awfulness. The other morning I woke up feeling low about it. About the fact that it may never go away, that the vaccine wont obliterate it like I hoped, that it may always be in our lives, that 2019 may be BC (before Covid). That is a terrible thought.

Ducky and I have been focused on flat work which has been nice especially in the not so freezing cold temps and I have been working on my personal goals as a human. 

I have been walking the dogs each morning and at the weekend continue to take them somewhere new.

I am trying to really just focus on enjoying my home and the cozy-ness of it all.

Finally - rest in peace Karen, taken far too soon .

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

2021 Intentions

Every year at this time I consider the upcoming New Year and list my resolutions and then I go back to see if I have achieved them. Each year I manage to achieve some and not others. 2020 has been a weird year that has seen me reset a lot in my life and for that I am grateful.

This morning I was listening to this inspiring podcast Setting up for Success in 2021  and it stopped me in my tracks and made me reconsider everything, I then decided that for the new year I am setting intentions rather than goals. 

Below is what I heard from the podcast that resonated and I felt I had to capture it for my 2021 intentionns:

Goals are destination specific, what we want in the future, whereas intentions focus us on the present moment and are lived as a feeling in our bodies every day. When we set clear intentions it allows us to create daily plans that support that intention. This means I can work on the bigger picture that is aligned with the feeling that I want. 

That way I can feel satisfied and content and continue to be driven to continue with the intentions set. My awareness and energy will be shifted to who I am, what I do and why I do it. This allows me to clearly see how I am showing up for myself and others and see my current habits and communications and change what is not serving me, my horse or my humans.

Our beliefs create our thoughts, which create our feelings which in turn create our behaviors and then our results.

Its so very similar to a mantra I followed by the late Christopher Reeve that I lived by as we went through our emigrations process:

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

As per the podcast, my two words for 2021 to allow me to be really clear and connected to the intentions are consistent and present.

Word: Consistent:


I will show up consistently for myself, my horse and those humans that need me, in my health, my riding and exercise, my career and my communications with everyone.

Word: Present


I will continue to work on being present on each moment in my life. I will have mindful moments throughout my workday. I will be present in every aspect of my day in whatever I am doing be it communicating with my family and friends, working, riding, at the barn, cleaning my house, making meals, listening to what is being said to me and how I respond.

Theres so much more in the podcast that I havent captured here, I invite you to listen and see if it helps you with next year too.

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Almost Christmas 2020

Its almost Christmas and I cant ignore that last year we were in Florida at this time and noticing that China was dealing with a virus that was serious enough that they had put up temporary hospitals at warp speed and feeling sad that they were dealing with such a situation. I never once envisaged that virus affecting our lives. Back then it was on the opposite side of the world - far away, nowhere near us, their issue.

oh how things changed.

Here in Nova Scotia in mid December its been unseasonably warm and Christmas lights have been decorating homes for seemingly months. I have been enjoying both.

I miss the excitement of planning and counting down to the next vacation. Now with the vaccine starting to roll out  I feel hopeful that one day we can do that planning and countdown again. In the meantime I am starting to seriously plan our new kitchen as the current one is absolutely getting near the end of its life.

Monday, 30 November 2020

Current Favourite things in my Life

My life is pretty much a routine and I for the most part stick to the same likes and dislikes until I suddenly remember how much I used to eat overnight oats with coconut milk and wonder when I stopped even doing that. 

In light of the current lives we are all living, i.,e "different in some way", this is what seems to set my world on fire these days:

  • Working from home - now this one is fortunate really for me and the pets that see me as the new patio door opener each and all morning. I love being in this setting to work.

  • Riding my horse - since lessons reconvened Ducky and I have invested in at least two a week. Actually I invested the $$. he turned up. Its been a wonderful and enjoyable journey as we have gone from shite at jumping (mostly me) to pretty confident and almost "good" at a small course. Lessons are out again at the moment due to Covid and I am trying hard to find the silver lining to this.

  • Listening to a podcast called Take The Reins that I listen to as soon as a new episode is out. There's also a book available by the host that I really want. I can download it to my Kindle for something like $5 at the moment but I would rather the signed $30 hard copy. That way I can take it everywhere with notes and stickies all over it at the parts that literally SING to me. Never has an author /mentor affected me this much since the Baby Whisperer when Chloe was born.

  • Making our home Christmassy for the season. I am wholly into this like never before and even bought a couple of red holiday cushions from a local store. The quality is perfect and I love supporting local but I am still a little taken aback by the $$$ for these things.

  • Making bread and dough and cookies still. The cookies disappear so fast that I need to teach the girls how to make those damn things.

  • Listening everyday on FB to the morning Fish Monster report from Key West. the Fish Monster is a boat and the report is by the captain. My favourite is when he takes a walk down Duval Street. What I would have given for this daily little insight into paradise in 1999/2000 when I was first smitten.

Monday, 21 September 2020

An update

 Its September in Nova Scotia and in typical fashion I am welcoming the Fall with open arms while simultaneously feeling sad that summer is leaving and it wont be back until we have had winter.

We are closely watching Hurricane Teddy as we wait to find out exactly how it will impact us tomorrow into Wednesday. Either way, we are prepared for whatever comes with water, storm chips, food, propane, everything moved indoors that can be. We have food prepared and can cook, we are ok.

Covid seems to be spiking everywhere this morning again, except here in the Atlantic Bubble. Sometimes I wonder with more than a touch of panic if I will ever be on a plane again or see Florida again. 

I had an office day on Friday and while it was really nice to see Truro I had the reset I needed to again be in love with my home office life.

My first ever niece was born on September 12th, baby Mia is now a large part of my life even though shes 5000+km away.

Ducky and I are coming along well, hes jumping two foot with gusto and his trot is forward and large and hes learning to do the same in canter. I am more in love with him every single day.

I had an amazing photo shoot with him where he of course looked gorgeous. His ancestor shone through in all his photos, some of the photos are below.

Milo continues to go outside in the daytime although we have been a little more wary, he included, since he was missing for almost 4 days. I dont invite a repeat of that situation and I hope he doesnt either.

The girls are doing well in back to school although I think Chloe would welcome home schooling again with open arms. With her learning to drive and part time job at the aquatic centre shes got lots on the go.

My garden did well although the peppers are struggling to finish growing in the season length we have. If I do them again I will stick to one or two plants inside only. Carrots are looking almost ready to pick and I got a haul of about 12 potatoes from the 4 I planted. Tomatoes and sugar-snap peas were winning the whole summer.

Tonight I have a recipe from my sister in law to be to make aubergine curry that I am pretty excited about as I continue on my quest for a couple of meat free days a week.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Changing phones

 Yes its a first world problem and I get that, totally.

The pain of moving to a new Apple phone is staggering. I do not know for the life of me how millenials or Gen Z's or whatever are putting themselves through this each time a new phone is out.

The issue started when our provider mentioned on a marketing text that good deals were out there for "back to school" (yes lets see exactly how back to school actually goes!)

In line with the third text proclaiming such good news my iphone 6 which is the oldest in this house and a hand-me-down from Paul  decided to no longer let me talk unless it was on speaker, ever.

I had been ignoring this for about 4 weeks until it got this bad. I dont want a new phone, I hate them. Besides who needs the worry of a new expensive piece of technology around horses. I dont.

Anyway, it was decided that Lily would get an upgrade and I would have her much newer 6. That works. The only upgrade available in nearby stores was an iphone 11. Fine, lets get it.

The swanky new phone has been in our posession for almost 5 hours now and we are still no closer to having a successful data transfer. Lily has a a new apple I.D after we had to create a new bloody email for her as hers was "taken" - yes its her email FFS. Its taken by her.

Now we have three phones and none really work.

Her sim is in the new phone, my sim is in her phone, my phone has no sim. 

Ugh. Brutal.