Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Trips ahoy

Today I finally managed to frame my CPA certificate thats been in a box for months now. The frame is sat on the floor, hopefully it will make it to the wall today.

This year is looking promising for travel plans. Those that know me know that I hate to waste money and hell even sometimes hate to spend money unless its on a trip. Trips last forever, after the wonderful time I am on one and then in my memory, in the nostalgic trips discussions I have with the girls, in the way I feel when I have been on one.

So far planned out:
Spring trip to the sunshine state with the family
BFF coming over to visit for Easter
Brother here in April for a couple of weeks
June trip to the UK is a possibility right now
September road trip/date trip to see Buck Brannaman in Maine booked
Mum coming to stay in September for the above trip and whale watching tour
Dad coming for a couple of days at the start of Oct before he commences a Canada trip.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

planning for the future whilst eating in the present

I spend some happy time reading other peoples blog posts, these are usually full-time RVers that have retired and are all over the continent in their rigs. I love reading of their adventures and its helpful when they list their expenditure as this is something I would like us to be able to try when we retire (whenever that is).

I am a planner by nature. I always have to have a plan and currently our retirement planning is on my list, along with living in the present moment as much as I possibly can.

I think we have a good 15 years till retirement and it fills me with contentment when we meet with our financial advisor to check on our financial planning to make sure this RV into retirement dream will, in fact, be a realistic option when the time comes.

Right now its looking like we can do it. Of course it means downsizing the house in a big way but thats ok, I can already mentally see the little home we will move to, that will be ours when we are home.

So, of course, between now and then, whilst loving in the present moment (yes I mean loving as I love my life), I am consious of trying to remain healthy for now and for the future.

At the weekend I watched an interesting documentary on Netlix called Hungry for Change. Documentaries work with me. Jamie Oliver once showed how hotdogs are made and I still shudder at the thought of eating them. I dont care how poor I become, cheese on toast will always trump a hotdog.

This specific one explained how eating the wrong food works, or rather doesnt, in the human body. I was pretty transfixed and now feel totally different in how I view what I am eating. I am even on the verge of purchasing a juicer!

For a couple of years now a friend of mine has been trying to convince me to drink hot lemon water first thing, to clean out my organs. I havent bothered until now.
I am now proudly on day 3 of my first thing lemon water. I have this mug that has the word "pause" on it that I use just for this. To me, it tells me to pause my day to do this. Its certainly making me drink less coffee, I am now on 2 cups a day rather than 5 or 6.

I hope this new found desire to eat this way becomes a permanent habit.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

2018 NY resolutions

Its December 28th and I am chilled at home. I cannot recall the last time I took the period between Christmas and NY off and its really very nice. Its also incredibly cold outside, -25C in the windchill so chilling inside is about all I am good for.
I took a look back at my 2017 NY resolutions and I think that for the most part I made it.

I have certainly grown as a leader and try every day to impact my staff in  a positive way. I am present in my family life and I am so pleased that those years of anxiety are just memories to me now. They are useful memories as they allow me to understand anxiety and what its like to suffer from it, and I didnt before.

So for this year, this 2018 that is fast approaching my list is thus:

  1. Continue growing at work.
  2. Enjoy Ace and my new saddle and keep competing and improving my riding.
  3. Keep working on improving myself as a human being and role model for my two girls.
  4. Work on bringing that line of credit right down.
  5. Go on a road trip to somewhere new this summer.
  6. Meet up with my friend Jenne, its been too long.
  7. Find a level of fitness that works for me.
  8. Succesfully grow some vegetables.
  9. Eat meat only from local farms where animal welfare is off a high priority, guilt-free meat as I call it.
  10. Have a once a month date-night with hubby, even if its just a coffee at Tim Hortons.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

We made it!

After the shelling out of some cash back in January and the completion of more forms (we are pros at this now), we learnt all about Canadian history, politics, law, who was on various bank notes (bills to Canadians) and the pictures on various coins. This led us to site (write) exams back on a chilly day in April down in Halifax. We each passed the twenty questions with 100%.

Then we waited, and waited, and waited some more.
Finally we had our citizenship ceremony on December 12th and became Canadian.
I am so very proud to call myself that.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A little update post about our trip to Maine

I am behind due to a little work pressures right now but its all good. This was my morning view today on my way to see Ace:
I love this time of year. The festivities are definitely kicking in too.
We went to Maine last weekend for Christmas shopping. Whilst it wasnt cheap, we saved no money on "amazing deals" and we certainly dont feel like we are winning on the economy front, what we did achieve was this:
  • A fun drive down
  • A chance to be us as a family in a hotel, a get away.
  • Dinner at Olive Garden and Longhorn with Don and Cherie, fabulous meals.
  • Lunch at Subway - the girls love Subway, so I do too.
  • Breakfast in the hotel, always pricey and always fun, this one was free so winwin.
  • A swim in the hotel pool, or two.
  • A whole stack of Christmas gifts and wine purchased.
  • A looooong drive home by Mount Kathadin. Always one we look out for.
As usual we have all stated that the next road trip has to be a while away due to the time in the car and as usual we are all just about ready, already for the next one.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

NS in April to June

Following on from my previous post of NS in January to March,
Weather - the month where you want it to get warm but it just doesnt. Still snowing regularly although as the locals will point out, its not snow its just a flurry and you think "but it contains snow"
The will to live left a while ago and summer feels like it doesnt exist here and never will again. People start to plan unseemly deaths for that lying groundhog.
People - The winter weary soldier on with "it is what it is" as a common statement that gives a degree of comfort.
Food - eating too much and the desire to cultivate a "summer body" seems pointless to many.
Neighbours - Around here somewhere.
Sports - Hockey is still going strong.
Word of the month - Meh

Weather - Hope springs anew each morning as you study buds on trees for any sign of growth. Its all brown and grey out there still and just too cool for well, anything. Rains starts up and washes away any remaining snow bringing fear of basement flooding. Its foggy seemingly every morning.
People - People start to plan their summer vacations and ask each other at work about what summer plans they may have. Lines grow outside of garages to have tires switched.
Food - very similar to April.
Neighbours - Some are about as the evenings get longer and the general discussion is about how long it will take to warm up and how warm it already is in Ontario but hell you can keep Ontario....
Sports - Hockey, still.
Word of the month - vacation planning. Sump pump. Summer tire change.

Weather - Its raining, like forever. Its warmer rain but heck is it raining. Fog burns off quickly unless you are on the harbour front. Garden plants are growing like crazy, seemingly overnight in the deluge and the world is green again.
People - Snorkels seem to be acceptable outdoor wear. That and a jacket for that sudden cold breeze thats so persistant is its desire to stay around forever. You spend time trying to ensure that no one visits you from England where its nice and warm and full of the promise of summer.
Food - Diets are in full swing. Salads are the new "in thing". Pinterest is extremely handy.
Neighbours - People are walking their dogs in the neighbourhood and dashing between raindrops, commenting on the rain.
Sports - Everything outdoor is on wait for start time. Often delayed due to the weather.
Word of the month - Wet. Rain.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

news of Summerland Key

I heard from the owners of our beloved rental in Summerland Key that the structure survived but alas the butternut tree that housed the hammock did not. NOAA hurricane imagery of the Florida keys now includes this area and from what I can see, the end of the dock is no more.

Like all the other home owners there who have rebuilt their docks in the past, I am sure Windswepts will be rebuilt for the what, 3rd (?) time. And one day we will be able to return, to feed the tarpon and to have a meal at Robbies (which we have yet to do), to freqent Boondocks, to mourn for the Mangrove Mamas that I first visited in 1999.
To feel the wonder that is the Keys again.