Wednesday, 11 October 2017

NS in April to June

Following on from my previous post of NS in January to March,
Weather - the month where you want it to get warm but it just doesnt. Still snowing regularly although as the locals will point out, its not snow its just a flurry and you think "but it contains snow"
The will to live left a while ago and summer feels like it doesnt exist here and never will again. People start to plan unseemly deaths for that lying groundhog.
People - The winter weary soldier on with "it is what it is" as a common statement that gives a degree of comfort.
Food - eating too much and the desire to cultivate a "summer body" seems pointless to many.
Neighbours - Around here somewhere.
Sports - Hockey is still going strong.
Word of the month - Meh

Weather - Hope springs anew each morning as you study buds on trees for any sign of growth. Its all brown and grey out there still and just too cool for well, anything. Rains starts up and washes away any remaining snow bringing fear of basement flooding. Its foggy seemingly every morning.
People - People start to plan their summer vacations and ask each other at work about what summer plans they may have. Lines grow outside of garages to have tires switched.
Food - very similar to April.
Neighbours - Some are about as the evenings get longer and the general discussion is about how long it will take to warm up and how warm it already is in Ontario but hell you can keep Ontario....
Sports - Hockey, still.
Word of the month - vacation planning. Sump pump. Summer tire change.

Weather - Its raining, like forever. Its warmer rain but heck is it raining. Fog burns off quickly unless you are on the harbour front. Garden plants are growing like crazy, seemingly overnight in the deluge and the world is green again.
People - Snorkels seem to be acceptable outdoor wear. That and a jacket for that sudden cold breeze thats so persistant is its desire to stay around forever. You spend time trying to ensure that no one visits you from England where its nice and warm and full of the promise of summer.
Food - Diets are in full swing. Salads are the new "in thing". Pinterest is extremely handy.
Neighbours - People are walking their dogs in the neighbourhood and dashing between raindrops, commenting on the rain.
Sports - Everything outdoor is on wait for start time. Often delayed due to the weather.
Word of the month - Wet. Rain.