Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I should be smiling

So Frankenstorm DID hit NY and the surrounding large area and the whole place is under a fair amount of water. The subways are full of sea water and the financial district is closed for the second day running. I am wondering what impact that will have on the World economy. I also feel terribly sad for all those affected.

Back in this neck of the woods I am trying to get my head in the place it was at OCS in the run-up to our emigration. If I can achieve this, all will be good. I should be grinning like a fool about this new job, dancing about the office - perhaps I should give that a try.

Last night we ran Dukie round for a quick walk with Lily crying the whole time that she was cold, her knees hurt, she was tired, something else that I cant recall. I think she was being a little dramatic really and perked up once we got back. We then had pumpkins to carve - at speed - as it was getting late, supper to cook and eat - I cheated and they had chicken nuggets - and baths to take. Its always hard when Paul is on nights.

Our new bath is gorgeous and I had to make the most of it as at some point today or tomorrow the tile will be laid and the room will be out of bounds for a while.

I cant wait to see the end of this and the final result, I really cant

Monday, 29 October 2012

bah Monday

I just went out and got sushi for lunch. I havent had it for weeks and weeks and actually I have found it hard to stick to my weight loss whilst being away - actually impossible and I feel horrible about myself because of it.
We can no longer listen to music at work either so I am here in silence and its grey and miserable and blustery outside. The Halloween storm dubbed "Frankenstorm" is due to hit New York in an hour or so, if the media is spot on, and I am wondering if it is indeed a "superstorm" and "likely to wipe out Manhatten" with its predicted 11 foot waves.
Frankly, and selfishly, I am hoping that the predicted path of this Cat 1 Hurricane isnt incorrect as its dubbed to make a left turn to NY, if they have got that wrong then we are in the way.

Today I am disappointed that people in certain positions can behave like children and even more disappointed in myself for being so affected by it.

I am also missing the sweet sound of music and how it can help my day ride along. All in all I am a little in the mis-mogs. I need to concentrate on my plans for tonight - pumpkin carving with the girlies.
I am not sure where the pumpkin carvers are, I need to track them down and not give in and try to do carvings with a knife. The way my day is going, that could end in tears.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

back home

Its been a tremendous weekend. I rushed home as fast as I could considering I wasnt driving, I willed the car down the highway. I shot through Masstown at our coffee shop, although I did manage to see an upside down Christmas tree there, that was within my streak through. I dont fancy the upside down idea by the way, I prefer a more traditional Christmas tree approach.
I got home and gathered my family up and breathed them all in. I was out walking the dog within the hour with a new found appreciation of my neighbourhood.
I reviewed the lovely scrape on Winter, that was an expensive winter tire change!

I have enjoyed every.single.minute of my time back at home.

I have gone to bed late and got up early, I have walked, I have drank  early morning flavoured coffee in silence whilst enjoying my Keys column having paid my $1.25 US to read the Keys Citizen (a column that used to be free online) Its a once a fortnight treat that I am awarding myself.
I have eaten little but quality food, I hugged my pillows to myself in my own wonderful bed.
I have even started my long put off project of transferring inspirational pieces - written and picture types from my House magazines to a scrap book.
I have a pretty long list of projects for this house over the next 10 years to include but not be limited to:

  • New windows (yawn)
  • New Kitchen - this WILL be fun, I have an idea but I need LOTS of pictures to get my groove on for this - thankfully I have time as we have NO money for this right now.
  • New hardwood floors
  • New cupboards in family room and redecorate room
  • Ensuite bathroom for us
  • New closet doors
  • personalising small guest room - its pretty much just white currently
  • repainting guest bathroom and replacing noisy shower head
Currently we are renovating our bathroom, so right now its pretty much an empty and newly spacious room with just a new beautiful gorgeous bath in it. The tiles should be up (and down) this week. I rather like these:
colour coded bathroom hooks by Martha Stewart as I dont want towels to take over the walls.
Ages ago I saw a stunning bathroom in Key West that I fell for in a big way, but I cant remember if it was in a house for sale or a rental. I havent been able to find it since. So I am trying to remember what I managed to commit to memory.

Today we had Sunday roast with some friends and walked all the dogs together. We also got maps out and spread them all over the table to discuss our route down to Florida. I wish we had done it in a more involved way as I loved it.

I am loving that I never need to leave my family so quickly for so long again, that trips away with work will be much fewer and for much shorter periods of time.

The clock is counting down to my new job. Fall is leaving us and the last home project on the list for this year is in progress. I cant wait to see what our bathroom looks like at the end of the week.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Amherst and CMA

Its been an interesting weekend.
First of all I was away all of last week in Amherst. Its a cute little town but the hotel we are in is horrible. Its whats known as rustic I think, that equals - dark green carpets, dark green comforter with roses on it, minimal furniture in the room, a TV that buzzes gently and a wardrobe from Walmart. The breakfast is OK and the view is of all the windfarm (aka windmills here in NS)... I wont step foot in the pool, I am surprised its open for business with its peeling paint and the gym has four pieces of aging equipment in it. My bathroom IS nice though and I am thinking up ways of spending all my free time in there so I can then just dash into bed and sleep the night away. There are no bedbugs - I have checked!

I have been on a couple of lovely walks into the town which has some wooden carvings made from trees with chainsaws (so I am told) and so I spent a happy half an hour reading plaques and being impressed by the handiwork.

The choice of eats is limited and of the greasy variety so I am not happy from that point of view either.

We are back there again this week - I am not pleased.

Anyway the weekend - Friday was a tremendously good evening. Paul and I dressed up and dropped of the kids and headed to a hotel in Halifax for the CMA Convocation.
I felt a bit like a gatecrasher at this Grad ceremony as I am only a transfer. But I am THE first ever transfer and therefore I got some time on the stage having a photo done with my framed certificate, it was a great night.

Saturday I spent out of the house collecting the girls from their sleepover and having tea with my friend. I came home to the first of my weekend of volunteer paperwork.
I was only tieing up the payroll for the year but that took me all of today. I am less than pleased. Its my very precious two days between being in the "rustic" hotel.
Its been warm too, the house was hot today, so it was a T-shirt day, it feels kind of weird this late in October to me.
I am all poised to enjoy Fall and bake gingerbread and plum pudding (when I am actually home) but it needs to cool down again, I was bitten by a damn mosquito today!

BUT there is good news too - I have managed to transfer to another job in this Group and will start in November as a Corporate Accountant. I am SUPER happy, although I am giving up my office and its vista of the Arm, indeed its general daylight and this I am taking a dim view of. It is worth it but it will be missed, I cant wait to be home more with my family and no longer have to leave them all the time.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Its frickin cold.

Its cold. End of.
The fire is crackling in the hearth, its kind of early on a Sunday morning and I am delighted to say that we have a nothing kind of day ahead. These are frankly the best kind.

I plan to run with Duke (with my ears covered), have a great breakfast with my family, clean up the girls rooms and put the guest suite straight and then go out with Dukie again. I have plans to catch up on skype with my UK friend this afternoon.
I know that Paul will bring in wood and fix the Halloween lights that are not being cooperative above the front door.

We may wrap up warm and venture out for a little while this afternoon to pick some pumpkins. Lily has just got up and is already asking about picking pumpkins.

Last night we had an amazing Thai meal down in Halifax which was rocking with some event and therefore buzzing with people. Our girls were babysat and we went out together as adults, hell I even wore a dress!

I am away again for two weeks tomorrow but its only in Amherst so plan to be back home in the week for a night and of course back next weekend. Thankfully this is the last away audit until at least next February. I cant tell you how pleased I am about that!

The BIG news is that our bathroom reno is due to start in 8 days!! I am SO pleased about this, I hate our bathroom so much. I will be away for one week of the renovations but back for the fun stuff - you know, like tiles. I really must get some pics of its current state so I can do a before and after post.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I am sitting here listening to Sheryl Crowe, whos an artist that I have loved for a long long time and thinking about how much I have to be thankful for.
We had an amazing if slightly chaotic Thanksgiving weekend, the weather was fabulous with blue skies and warmth and we had a great time at the Wildlife Park on Sunday prior to our cleaning up session for Mondays feast.

We had a tremendous Thanksgiving meal with some good friends (5 families) and it went very very well. Paul and I looked at each other at one point whilst making coffee and listening to all the chatter around us and said “Isnt this great!” and it really was. Everyone contributed to the meal and the conversation, the children were wonderfully well behaved and the day was just an epic cook and food fest. I loved it!
So here I am with Grooveshark playing and its lunchtime and I am listening to Sheryl and remembering driving my newish Vauxhall Cavalier from Littlehampton back to Worthing when I was 18 years old and playing this very song “All I wanna do” and feeling energised by it. Now nearly 20 years later it still has the same effect.
I am loving this life, in fact I am thankful and grateful for every aspect of my life. Every memory, every lesson – good and bad. Every song that has lifted my spirits, motivated me, taken me down memory lane or reduced me to tears. Every friend and person who has touched me in some way, all those that are no longer here - I WILL see you again (of that I am sure)
Everything I have learnt from my wonderful husband and my cherished children, I look at my oldest and remember her as a baby. How is she now 8??!!
I am who I am because of every person I have met, every exam I have passed (and failed) every argument, every makeup, every laugh and tear shed.
I am thankful for this life.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

Its Thanksgiving weekend. After a couple of weeks of wet weather we are now generally back to dry and sunny except for today of course, I was planning on taking the kids to the pumpkin patch but its wet out - maybe I should swop my plans to cleaning this house for tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have 5 families here for Thanksgiving, its going to be mayhem but I am also hoping it will be quite good. If the 12 kids could keep the noise down a bit maybe it will be.
Everyone is bringing a dish or three so our responsibility is two turkeys, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, veggies and pigs in blankets. Our guests are going to buy a pork loin today to add to the meat selection. They have already bought one of the turkeys.
I am amazed to say that I am actually looking forward to what our friend Nic is planning to do to brussel sprouts.

So we will clear the kitchen counters of toasters and other unnecessary "stuff" for the laying out of the feast and get another couple of tables in here.

I shall take some pics of the day for here. Also, the trees outside are STUNNING currently. I need to get my camera out.