Wednesday, 1 October 2014

St John's

I am behind and I know it! I seemed to spend most of September in St John's NL, which was beautiful. I am working hard in my new job too which sucks up a lot of energy, but hey I have a new job! Thats a good thing.

When I was first in St Johns I went for a walk on Signal Hill and scared myself. There I was clinging to the cliffedge and climbing down steep stairs and fit and healthy seniors trotted past barely perspiring. It was a real eye-opener to how unfit and nervous I was and to how many fit Newfoundlanders were there doing this walk like it was a stroll around Grand Central Park!

 This was a brutal hill, I went down it with shaking legs and then back up it when I lost my nerve on the narrow path. The climb back up was intense!

 look how narrow that path is! I nearly sat down and hugged the ground at that point!

Back at home, its been lovely weather and the trees here in NS are bursting with colour. Its also been pretty cool at night and so we have been lighting the fire which makes the front room very cosy indeed.