Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The first show of the season

Last weekend Ace and I attended the first horse show of the year. We try to attend the three Salmon River ones as I just love the showground more than anything. You can also get points towards a series which is always fun.
This year I went with the new barn and despite the constant torrential rain and resulting mud it was a really nice day. Good team spirit, horses tried hard and an air of thankfulness to even be able to go made the day memorable. And then of course there was the rain, have I mentioned that yet?

Whilst Ace and I didnt place in Hunter, I was so pleased as he was more forward and easy to ride than hes ever been. He still has the annoying pull down but we can work on that this year. I am also no longer afraid of it, so thats a big step in the right direction for me.

These  pictures above are the first two classes, we were moderately wet but the ground in the arena was still pretty good at that point.
Ace sporting his north american style braids that I managed to conquer... first attempt too.

The three above were after it had hammered down with rain continously for about an hour. The warm up was decidedly iffy and I wasnt chancing any injuries  with him. I was also soaked as was he. For someone who was wading through a lot of water at that point, he was very sporting.
Here we were jumping in a very sodden way, those breeches started the day much lighter.
We got second place in senior road hack and here we were making our way back to his stall as his day was over, finally. We had been back for hay and water breaks and retacking three times at this point so it was good to be finished. I was so pleased with him.
Home with legs wraps and a warm bran mash, it had stopped raining by this point and the sun was out, naturally.