Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 , not a new beginning but a continuation of a great time

It's 2016 y'all and for the first time in years I stayed awake to welcome it in. I also drank a whole bottle of wine and ate excessively... But you know what I don't care.

For the first time in a new year I have minimal resolutions and the main one called change my life by becoming fit has changed significantly to continue what you started. So at the start of December I joined a challenge group for 21 Day Fix. I am slightly ashamed to admit that when I was asked to join my attitude was that " well what he hell, it's $77 and I can afford to throw that money away" but I also realized that a typical December for me consists of eating whatever I lay my eyes  on whether I really like it/ want it and feeling annoyance and gaining about 8 pounds ( at least). I also realized that even I can stick to something for 21 days.
Well in short I loved it, I gave up International Delight in my coffee which I knew was terrible but I was addicted to, almost ditched the sugar and confronted the ugly truth about just how much sugar and carbs I was consuming in an average day. I also love the workouts and can't go to bed without my date with Autumn. Anyone that has met the 21 day fix knows who Autumn is and I love her. So I lost 6 pounds and gain tone and muscle and love it love it love it.

So... The point is that my New Years resolution is simply to continue with it. I feel different, I feel good and I am going to keep feeling that way.

The other resolution is to repaint the interior of the house this year which means of course that my part in this will be choosing colours and supervision.

And finally save for our vacations from this day forward. We are in a position for the first time in a while to return to this and I am embracing it fully. I plan to save like its the new trend.