Monday, 28 March 2016

ugh March

Its the end of March, its overcast outside right now and a bit cold. I say a bit. Only because I don't need to put my hood up to walk as I am in fear of losing my ears to frostbite due to the insane bite of the wind. But its really dull out there.
I am not a fan of this time of year. Even when its super sunny so that you can convince yourself that its not cool out as you sit in your hot car with the sun beating in, it is. Or its cold and grey, and the grass is still dead and the trees are still brown and naked and I KNOW that its going to be about another month of this at least.

This is the time of year that we really ought to be in Florida. Somehow we never ever make it down there at this time. Its pretty depressing really that we are 5 years in and haven't got out shit together enough to recognize that this is what's needed at this time.
Even more depressing is the knowledge that unless we win the lotto we aren't going at all this year.

But.... enough of all that. Paul and I are going to Toronto for a long weekend and we do have a family long weekend to Boston to plan and look forward to and I am then going to Boston for training, so its not all doom and gloom. And the weekends away will really be nice. Summer is really and truly just around the corner and we have plans for the house this year.

The big money grabber will be sorting out the bog that is the back yard. Water pools just off from the house and its all wet and then it stinks, so we need to sort that out.
We also need to paint the interior again, thank God we are not wallpaper people, and put in our coffee bar in the kitchen. The coffee bar has been planned in a vague way for about a year now so I am pretty excited that its almost reality.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March already??!!!

So January zipped by in a flurry of long and busy working days and 2 weeks in Newfoundland where I had to slum it with a car for a week that had no heated seats! wth! So no heated seats and car parked outside overnight did not a happy start to the day maketh but that really is a first world problem resolved by a trip to the Starbucks drivethrough. February flew by, winter is almost over, light is at the end of the tunnel, summer is returning.... joy
So.... I did two rounds of 21 day fix, loved it, nailed it, one round of 21 day fix extreme - not so enthralled, way too much jumping around for me, I hate cardio and i hate plyo and this programme is a joyful meeting of the two.
So onto Hammer and chisel. I started this last night and I am sore today. I also rode yesterday for the first time after work this year. Ace decided that it's incredible good fun to set off into canter with a huge buck so had to ride that out of him. He's way too big to play those games and I am sadly way too old to want to hit the deck. So maybe I am sore due to that, or to both, or who knows... Anyway I hurt.
Onto chisel day 2 shortly so tomorrow should be fun.

It's freezing today too, currently sitting at minus 4 with a playful wind with take your breath away gusts. But summer is coming, it really is......

I had a real blonde movement the other night. I have the bad habit of sitting in the bath reading my kindle and then, gasp, laying it on the side of the tub when I get in or out. It struck me that this is a risky move if I want to keep enjoying my current Bill Bryson " Road to Little Dribbling" and then more worryingly I envisaged that if I knocked it in all the pages inside would get wet. Serious concern, I shared this thought with Paul who was shall we say gob smacked by such a statement.
Maybe it's time it up my RSP contributions for early retirement to the Keys. Clearly propping up a beach bar in my flip flops is where I am headed sooner rather than later.