Saturday, 10 September 2016

what I musnt forget to do/try/achieve

I get pretty ticked off with myself when I realise that I have rolled into a routine of going to work and coming home and then doing the same stuff (that I love) and STILL not trying out some of the things I keep meaning to do so I have decided to make a list and put it right here, I mean why not, its like a diary anyway.
Places I want to take the girls:
  1. Glow in the dark pitch and putt
  2. The new aqua centre in Truro
  3. Strawberry picking in U-pick (is it too late for that this year?)
  4. Pumpkin picking at an actual real-life pumpkin patch (NOT Sobeys)
Other places I want to go, things I want to do:
  1. The "Bloodfields" in Truro. This is definitely an adult Halloween event that I never manage to organize myself for despite seeing constant billboards for it all October.
  2. Take part in a horse show on my horse. I need to do just do it. I love it but I have been loathe to part with the massive amounts of cash it seems to require. I need to just suck it up before the season is over and my chances are gone.
  3. Ride Ace in the snow, ride all winter, keep riding.....
Events I need to get my shit together for this year:
  1. Table settings for Thanksgiving and Christmas, no point in Pinning on Pinterest like an obsessed person if I don't make an actual effort.
  2. Dressing up like a pro for an adult Halloween party. We have been invited for one this year, I need to start planning like now.
  3. Dressing the house for Christmas with more finesse than last year. Again, Pinterest is available, I am capable, I can do this. (cue metal bucket outside front door with beautifully placed greenery and delicate fairy lights)

Pretty arnt they! :-) Watch this space. I can feel creative mojo kicking back in. ( I need to get back to the dollar store)

Now it just needs to cool down and become Fall-like, right now the heat is so, well, hot that I have no desire at all to indulge in pumpkin spiced anything. All I have managed to achieve so far is to design (in my head) my planned Fall and winter wardrobe (aubergine, grey, silver - not all at once of course) and stay blonde. I took care of the blonde issue this morning by getting my highlights touched up.

With reference to "the list" above, if I hadn't arranged a trip to the Flicks today to watch "Sully" with Paul and Chloe (Lily isn't not interested so shes hanging out here with friends) that would also be on the list, we never go to the cinema, like ever... and I feel I am missing out. (Edit - its been too hot for months now to waste time inside in the cold and the dark watching a movie that's probably too loud for my senior ears)