Monday, 31 August 2015

Is Fall on its way already?

This last week has seen a marked differnece in the weather. In the day there is still overwhelming heat but the humidity is not so intense and its cooler at night. This means of course that darling hubby is back sleeping upstairs and I need to actually make an effort in the morning now with my appearance.
Its also going back to school week so the girls are bringing the out of control bedtime routine back down to normal, under duress of course but we have a plan.
Last night I imposed the 10pm lights out. This had been agreed in advance with the whippersnappers but was of course met by grumbles. They were out for the count within moments. High five for good parenting to me.
Tonight I am bringing it right down to shock horror 9.30pm! And tomorrow night too. And then on Wednesday night they will be in a normal bedtime for school routine. Wish me luck.

These cooler evening temps mean a return to the hot tub. This is rather nice. I love that its dark at 8.15pm now ( I know, I am weird) but the windows are still open , the crickets are still making a racket and I can put all my scentsy lamps on and actually see the ambience again.

Chloe is all about Fall, shes already making plans for chicken pot pie and Fall wardrobe choices. I am not 100% there yet even though I like the darker evenings. I am in no way racing back to cooler temps (you know COLD temps with frost and woolies and dare I say it SNOW) As far as I am concerned what we have right now can hang around for another couple of months, I still have beach plans.

Below are some pics from our weekwed tubing, it was rather fab, especially the slow fly by of the bald eagle.
We are go for launch:
He sat and watched us as we floated by:
 Lily and I:
 Goodbye Mr Eagle:

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Pedestrians and fog

So the other day I went on a tirade about the thrills and spills of being a driver here. Yesterday I was a pedestrian out for a stroll and this is what was fun about it.
I stopped at a crosswalk like the responsible adult I am always harping on about and waited for the driver of the first car to spot me before I crossed. It flew by. So glad I didnt move. By the time the next four cars had also driven through the crosswalk at speed I began to "get it" - the pedestrians point of view. So for some drivers "does one have to step out to be acknowledged as wanting to cross?"
Is this why seasoned pedestrians here just walk out and ignore the screeching brakes?
Is there a war between drivers and pedestrians here? The "I have the right of way" war? The "one hates the other" kind?

Lets compare it the UK where I spent most of my life. There the car has the right of way. Pedestrians have to wait for lights to cross or choose the "stop, wait,look and listen" at any place on any road - not anything with 6 lanes of course as that would be stooopid!
Then they can cross when its clear or when a friendly driver stops for them and that happens a lot.
If on the other hand they dare to step out into traffic without that friendly driver wave they are immediately cussed at, glared at or in fact, driven at. I think this is a UK scare tactic and its very effective.

So -whats better?
Personally I prefer the UK way but maybe thats because thats what I am used to. The "friendly driver wave" or flash of headlights (same meaning) is everywhere. You never have to wait long to cross. Its certainly easier for the drivers as no one really jumps out in front of you unless they are nutty and have a death wish.

Outside its hot today, bright hot sunlight with an intense fog bank out in the water, its all a little surreal and rather cool, here are some pictures I just took at lunchtime:
 Container ship rolling past in the fog bank
 Fog bank off the harbour walk

This is the waterfront warehouse, where we sat in June 2010 and discussed moving to Nova Scotia, here we are (my babies were so little then):

And, from last night - Ace and I (hes so big we need a selfie stick)

Monday, 17 August 2015

A new family member

So... I dared. I disturbed the Universe. I thought about it for over a week (unlike me so it was responsible and even talked myself out of it once) but in the end I DID IT.
Or rather we did, without darling husbands agreement it would have been a no go ( he agreed although I know he has concerns) anyhow....

Remember this guy:

Heres another in his Fall jacket:

well, hes joined the family.
It was worth it to see Chloes face when I told her. She scrunched up into herself and cried. Little red face with wet eyes.

He is an awesome horse! His personality, his age, his size, his ability, his calmness. Hes just perfect for us. He turned up at kind of the wrong time but I am making it work.

I personally am so very excited to go back to dressage and he has ability and promise, but also trail riding, stall cleaning, tack cleaning, grooming, the fresh air and healthy mental wellbeing that comes with a horse.
So now we are planning his colour scheme of stuff - likely red - he looks like red is his colour.

For me, I want it all (No, not a ferrari or first class flight everywhere - I have accepted the reality of that never being in my life) but I do want to be able to still go here:

each year. It may sound crazy to some but its my so very important place. It HAS to happen.
So... no more day in day out dining out lunches at work ( I have started well today with breakfast and lunch brought in) as theres no need to be so lazy. Let me introduce you to the new, improved, organized Natasha who will no longer be frequenting the delicious establishments on my work doorstep.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August - so far

Dare I disturb the Universe? That was what I read on someones blog today and I LOVED it.
Yes I dare. I dared before and all was good and I will dare again. I am thinking of disturbing the universe in a big way but still cogitating on that one.

So August so far for me, for us:

Digging : (well Paul is, I am just supervising) a trench system / french drain arrangement in the back garden to try to drain the soggy mess that is the lawn there. So far its not going to well. We may have to throw in the towel and throw some concrete groundings and a deck there.

Working: In Newfoundland this week, thankfully the weathers turned around here.

Riding: Chloes been a lot, three days each week at the barn and loving it. Shes a chip off the old block. I have rather fallen for a really nice horse called Ace who we could both ride and I just enjoyed a great dressage clinic on him.

Wanting: To be at home, I like NL but theres no place like home. I miss my children, my husband, the pillows on my bed, my coffee in the morning .......(I could go on but I will quit now)

Wearing: Banana Repulic outlet mall bargains. I love that I can shop there now anytime I damn well like and dont have to wait for my annual trip (if I was lucky) to the States.

Leaving behind: negativity - that includes ignoring aggravating facebook and internet posts and no longer wasting my thoughts on those that dont deserve them.

Loving: the weather in NS. Even the rain, the noise is theraputic and its warm rain so apart from the drainage issue in the back garden, its welcome.

Planning: the next trip down South

Wishing for: another bathroom upstairs. Given that our youngest routinely throws anyone whos in the bathroom out, getting some bathroom time is starting to become a challenge.

Monday, 3 August 2015

The tourists are in town

I officially have tourist fatigue.
Dont get me wrong, I love to see the QM2 parked outside my office building, that is an amazing sight to behold to say nothing of all the others (I am particularly fond of the QM2.. I wonder why) and those lavish yachts that hang out in the harbour for all to gaze at in wonder and try to figure exactly out how much you would have to earn to have that in your everyday life.

BUT I am tired of slamming on the brakes as some tourist whos left his common sense in his home town walks out in front of me whilst gazing at the architecture, yes Halifax has some beautiful buildings. If he tried that stunt in Europe he would get sworn at at best and run over at worst. But you know what, here in Halifax its perfectly acceptable for a pedestrian to walk or run out in front of you with absolutely no regard for a stopping distance requirement. If you hit that person you as the driver are in major deep shit.

As a driver, I am not bad, I pay attention, I stay away from my cell phone, my eyes are ON STALKS and still I have nearly hit pedestrians. I wonder why they do this, as another driver you wouldnt just drive out in front of someone. There are driving laws and then there is common sense. By the time I am out of the downtown core I am ready for a G&T.

The buskers are in town, cue LOTS of people having a great time., The downtown was gridlocked.  I waited 15 minutes to turn left. Each time our light went to green the pedestrian light went to walk and they streamed across. Or they sauntered. They were having a good day

I felt like I was going to lose my mind. It doesn't make sense that traffic cant move AT ALL. I have had to stay away from the area lest I run someone over, out of pure rage.

Thankfully its been a restful (kind of) Natal Day weekend. We had people over which I always like and the pool got a great workout. Its hot now, like majorly hot so I will be out in the pool myself soon. The dogs are being walked at night, and cicadas are going off like drills in the trees.

Anyway, now I have got that off my chest, some pictures of the week for my stepmom :

Evening bike ride, it was stinking hot but great:

Dukie by the pool:

My view from work - thats where the QM2 and others turn

Our balcony at work: