Friday, 4 July 2014

well hello summer!

Well it kind of landed on us overnight, here and loud.

I cant move in the house without feeling like I am wrapped in a warm damp blanket the humidity is so high.
Yesterday it took three attempts, with FB and a cold drink interspersed, just to put all the laundry away upstairs. Granted, there was a lot. Just about every garment we all owned required hanging or being placed in drawers and it was just SO hot.

I am not complaining of course, far from it. I get to lie by the pool and listen to the sweet sound of childrens laughter as they spend all day in it. Thank God for it.
Honestly, for 9 months of the year there is absolutely no point at all in having a pool. I look at it through slanty eyes thinking about how silly it is to have it and then bam, summer is here and its insanely hot and energy sapping humid and suddenly our home is THE place to be as all our friends come round to hang out in it.

And then its worth it, its a centre point in our lives, its the place to hang and chill and its worth every cent of chemicals in it to have.

Its super warm today as we have the first Hurricane of the 2014 Hurricane season advancing up the Eastern seaboard. Hurricane Arthur is expected to make an appearance tomorrow as a tropical storm.

We have made plans for a wet and windy weekend that involves all the essentials - beer, wine and propane for the BBQ and in addition we have decorating of the hallway planned out and some cushion making and pinterest activity. I see some rather scrumptious soft furnishings in my future.