Friday, 24 January 2020

News Years Ducky

Its been a while since I posted but heres a quick update. The New Year came with brand new day, year and decade and I (as usual) am massively affected by a new year.

By 7am I had agreed a purchase price with Duckys owner and a couple of days later he officially became mine. So now I am the very proud owner of D’Lucky Cat (known as Ducky to his friends and new family) who (I discovered when I followed back his heritage on Google one morning while I drank coffee) happens to be the great, great, great grandson of Secretariat.

THE Secretariat who won the triple crown and has a Disney movie made after him. Now I do of course realize that Ducky has many, many relations out of that magnificent and famous horse but I am jazzed that he is one of them. I have of course yet to personally see if Ducky possesses racehorse speed (although he did in fact win a race, which I have seen on a replay) but he definitely has the red coat and same love of posing for the camera of his predecessor.

Usually at this time of year I have reviewed last years New Years resolutions and made a whole list of ones for the current year but this time I just don’t feel like it. I am not sure if its due to the fact that Ace can no longer be a part of this or what it is, but I feel like I want to make another style of list and in fact already am.

~I have learnt, once again, to live in the moment with my family and when I am by myself.
~I have learnt to really enjoy my relationship with my horse and I am learning all about this new horse   who is so very different to my one before. In this learning I have reached out to all my contacts old and new to understand how to continue to grow.
~I now know more than I ever did and I am just at the start of this journey. Ducky and I are at the beginning of our relationship and I am excited for all that it will bring for him and I together and also just for me, as what I am learning is also growing me, as a person and the leader this horse needs me to be.

This change of view and this ability to live right now and be ever so present at any moment of my choosing has so far helped my sleep, my general well being and my way of viewing pretty much everything.
Part of my new found discovery is through a podcast I now listen to as soon as the next episode is out called Take The Reins which is by Nikki Porter.  This is tremendous and really speaks to me and I encourage anyone whether they have horses, or ride or do not even step foot near them. This podcast has episodes about tools in life and will speak to every person out there.