Monday, 12 May 2014

what I have been up to

I am feeling really behind on my blog life. I have logged in and read others but not posted but heres a little snippet into my life lately:

1. Bootcamp
I joined a bootcamp and tonight will be my 4th session. I am really hugely loving this. I am not sure if its because actually I am fit enough to cope and so I can actually enjoy pushing myself instead of it being torture or if its because I have finally found my thang. Its like being back in pony club minus the unco-operative, highly excitable crazy ponies.
Its a team spirit and its personal too. When we are running shuttle runs I can be in my own world whilst being aware of my "team mates" around me. I love the fact that its variable impact, so those bursts of high impact are an adrenalin buzz and easier than pushing through a long run.

The other night we were running through the trails and I could just see myself in the silence of the lambs and about to be stopped by an FBI guy, coming to give me the message to come and see some highbrow investigator who wants me for his team.....

2. Mothers Day
Yesterday was Canadian Mothers Day and it was rather lovely. It was conveniently part of a weekend of late nights and quiet relaxed early mornings. I am also rather fortunate that my two adorable girls are older now and less demanding, so they do what they want to (play with Monster high or make up some world with safari animals, or log on and feed their moshi monster, or go next door to their little friend, or tear up the neighbourhood on their bikes) and so it was a quiet peaceful couple of mornings, with me and Love it or List it Vancouver and a coffee.

So I decided to go to visit Peggys Cove with a couple of my friends who are mothers but we went sans children. This is because whilst I so very much love it there, in my mind its so much more enjoyable when you aren't having to watch your small adventurer like a hawk as they insist on going into the black rocks "death zone"

We got there about 1.30pm and lay on the rocks for a couple of hours and watch the waves crash and pound and the sunlight sparkle on the water. It went from warm yet misty to warm and sunny and the sound of the waves was sublime. We also whiled away the time watching some numpties climb around in the areas clearly marked as highly dangerous...  idiots. I wasn't terribly keen on being witness to their demise as they were dragged out by the undertow, should they be caught out.

We got back around 5pm to a hearty meal and a new log pile where Paul and pals had dragged the 4 cord that had been residing on the drive since the mid week into a tidy and effective log pile, all next winters heat stacked and waiting.

Had a bit of a result at the weekend too, was walking the dogs past a neighbours house just as they were taking down their pool and in short, we are now the proud owners of their solar heating system - I see potentially 6 weeks more pool time this year!

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