Monday, 30 June 2014

some rejuvenation

I just had the BEST 5 days off, it was  a little hectic as we had more guests arrive on top of our resident guest, and with a service dog - 3 year old huge and a little overwhelming Dexter.... but it was great. It was hanging with best friends time, it was family time and condo planning time and dog hair time. There was an overflow of dog hair in the house.

We bbq'd, we hung out on the day of torrential rain that sounded so loud outside, we blew away the cobwebs on the following hot days, we drank too much wine, we swam in the pool. It rocked....

It was 5 days of rejuvenation with the important people in my life, in the most important place called HOME and I even finished my first ever painting furniture project... It turned out very well and I require photos to post on here.

We also made these little apples for the teaches for the girls last day of school. Its messages in their handwriting stitched on:

Happiness is home time in a NS summer.....

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