Thursday, 1 October 2015

Raining and the love of horses

It's raining, like a goodun outside and I love the sound. Last night it was hot still at 10pm and the wind was as Chloe put it "roaring" outside.
For someone who wants to be a meteorologist she really doesn't like any extreme of wind or rain, that could be a deal breaker in that kind of career... Anyway, the windows were open all night as I insisted on it and it was great.
It went on all night and now it's rained all day, it's raining now as I write this, the tap tap tap against the side of the house.

I managed to get up to the barn this evening to a bunch of wet horses. No riding this evening but just being there was truly enjoyable. I saw this earlier and it's one of many very true little ditties... I think I have experienced everything in there including the crazy horses.....

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