Sunday, 27 December 2015

Currently..... Christmas

This Christmas was another green one, much to my childrens disgust. But despite the lack of the white stuff and the punishingly warm temps we managed it. There was a lack of Christmas crackling logs on the fire as it was way too warm for that on the big day and absolutely no reindeer tracks on a white roof but it was a festive and merry event.

But first... backing up a bit to a couple of weeks ago when I discovered Instagram and got this shot:

Which got me to thinking and resulted in this hair cut (for the season ya know):

Instagram also featured in our Christmas walk around Oakfield park and enabled me to get a picture of Duke that shows his coat colours way better than before;

Our Christmas living room;

My youngest rocking the polar bear onesie on Christmas morning;

It was a polar bear event:

According to the weather network its going to snow today, so I am waiting for the commencement of this event to see if it will require the use of the snowblower thats currently resting its heels in the garage.

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