Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March already??!!!

So January zipped by in a flurry of long and busy working days and 2 weeks in Newfoundland where I had to slum it with a car for a week that had no heated seats! wth! So no heated seats and car parked outside overnight did not a happy start to the day maketh but that really is a first world problem resolved by a trip to the Starbucks drivethrough. February flew by, winter is almost over, light is at the end of the tunnel, summer is returning.... joy
So.... I did two rounds of 21 day fix, loved it, nailed it, one round of 21 day fix extreme - not so enthralled, way too much jumping around for me, I hate cardio and i hate plyo and this programme is a joyful meeting of the two.
So onto Hammer and chisel. I started this last night and I am sore today. I also rode yesterday for the first time after work this year. Ace decided that it's incredible good fun to set off into canter with a huge buck so had to ride that out of him. He's way too big to play those games and I am sadly way too old to want to hit the deck. So maybe I am sore due to that, or to both, or who knows... Anyway I hurt.
Onto chisel day 2 shortly so tomorrow should be fun.

It's freezing today too, currently sitting at minus 4 with a playful wind with take your breath away gusts. But summer is coming, it really is......

I had a real blonde movement the other night. I have the bad habit of sitting in the bath reading my kindle and then, gasp, laying it on the side of the tub when I get in or out. It struck me that this is a risky move if I want to keep enjoying my current Bill Bryson " Road to Little Dribbling" and then more worryingly I envisaged that if I knocked it in all the pages inside would get wet. Serious concern, I shared this thought with Paul who was shall we say gob smacked by such a statement.
Maybe it's time it up my RSP contributions for early retirement to the Keys. Clearly propping up a beach bar in my flip flops is where I am headed sooner rather than later.

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