Monday, 24 July 2017

The perfect weekend

Just enjoyed a blissful weekend where I believe I managed to crack the code of the "perfect style weekend", although Paul was away on a bachelor weekend so I was a single parent until Sunday morning which dimmed my joy a touch. The girls and I got the grocery shopping done on Friday eve with wild weather warnings on the radio (we had some thunder and lightening at midnight but no possible tornadoes that had sent the girls into a spin).

Saturday was a little nuts with the horse in the morning so that we could go to the beach and then the Lavender gardens at Seafoam. We went to Melmerby where it was breezy but the water temps were delicious. I went in, no jelly fish in sight, and we swam for an hour or so and had a picnic on the sand and all round just relaxed.
Got home via the lavender gardens in time for a speedy supper so that I could drop Chloe off at the camp ground where her friend was and chat for a bit before returning to our neighbours firepit where I chatted some more.
Bed followed Netflix where I tried (and failed) to get into Homeland Season 3.

Sunday was bliss as I deliberately *did nothing* By that I mean, I made no plans so we could please ourselves. I walked the dogs once Paul got home at 10.30am just as the heat was really starting to kick in.

I hung out some in the back yard:


I relaxed, I watched "Love it or List it Vancouver", I cleaned the house so it looks and smells great, I got through all the laundry - washed, dried AND put away #winningatlife, the girls made mug cakes, I rode Ace in the early evening, we had homemade burgers and sweet potato fries with mango curry dip in the evening. I tried and failed, again, to watched Homeland Season 3. I think I am going to give up with that one now.

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