Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A little update post about our trip to Maine

I am behind due to a little work pressures right now but its all good. This was my morning view today on my way to see Ace:
I love this time of year. The festivities are definitely kicking in too.
We went to Maine last weekend for Christmas shopping. Whilst it wasnt cheap, we saved no money on "amazing deals" and we certainly dont feel like we are winning on the economy front, what we did achieve was this:
  • A fun drive down
  • A chance to be us as a family in a hotel, a get away.
  • Dinner at Olive Garden and Longhorn with Don and Cherie, fabulous meals.
  • Lunch at Subway - the girls love Subway, so I do too.
  • Breakfast in the hotel, always pricey and always fun, this one was free so winwin.
  • A swim in the hotel pool, or two.
  • A whole stack of Christmas gifts and wine purchased.
  • A looooong drive home by Mount Kathadin. Always one we look out for.
As usual we have all stated that the next road trip has to be a while away due to the time in the car and as usual we are all just about ready, already for the next one.

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