Friday, 2 September 2011

starting to cool down

Its really chilly this morning. Theres been a very distinct change in early morning temperature in the last couple of days. It really warms up in the day, yesterday was 24C and the day before 26C but the mornings are really Autumn Fall - like
I am really looking forward to being out and about without mosquitos and have been awaiting the first of September because of this. I thought that all mozzies would disappear on the 1st of September and we would be left with a warm bug free month, but it appears that is not so. I have just killed one buzzing by my ear as I type this (how did it get in????)

Yesterday darling Lily had her first day at the sitter in the next road, I was really worried about this but she had a great day. So now she is at pre-school Mon, Weds and Fri morning and at my friends with her friend Emily on the afternoons of those days and then with the sitter on Tues and Thurs each week unless Paul is home.

I am starting to not look forward to this beautiful place losing its green and hot days. I dont want it to turn all brown and ugly and be cold, today I need to find some inspiration for the weather to come. Really we just want to be snowbirds, to be able to flee to Florida as soon as Christmas is over and to come back each May but that just isnt going to be possible for many moons yet. Still, I do love a plan!
A couple of pics from one of my evening walks around the neighbourhood. I plan to turn them into evening runs but need a decent pair of trainers sneakers first.

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