Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Labor Day weekend and the last days of summer

I have been a little remiss at updating this, simply because our laptop is SO slow at processing and its so painful to do anything with it. We have been talking about buying a new one as a Christmas present to ourselves but it all depends if this lasts until then, or gets thrown out of the window!

Right - Labor Day weekend was our first ever and it was HOT. We had a great weekend. We had 4 cord of wood delivered that was cut and we split and stacked it, well actually Paul did that with some help from our neighbours up the road and the log splitter kindly lent to us by Colin next door.
Heres our new log pile;

We also went to my most favourite beach with our friends - Melmerby which is up by New Glasgow, I LOVE that beach, its so serene and beautiful and quiet and just well paradise quite frankly.

We spent a day doing little except sorting out the house a bit, its still a bit of a mess from when we moved, and we still need more furniture, but here are a few pics:

Chloe and I went on a walk / bike ride together, she rode her bike and I walked.

We also went to the wildlife park which was actually a bit of a mistake because it was way too hot for that. We had to go to Averys for an icecream on the way home. Here is the resident skunk, I think he looks rather cute:

what was amazing was that on the Tuesday after Labor Day the temperature went right down, and I mean at least 10 degrees and it downright chilly. It has been super hot today though - 26C but it cools down a lot in the evening.
My FIL and SIL are coming tomorrow and Friday for a week and I cannot wait to see them. I dont know how I am going to get through a work day tomorrow


  1. Wow I think your house is beautiful! Jealous of your spice rack haha ;)

  2. oh thank you! I must put some spices in it! Your house btw is my dream house, with a wrap around porch - gorgeous!