Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back to the UK

So I went back to the UK for a week to see my family and friends and it was a surprise in more ways than one, but the main reason was that I liked being there.
Yes it rained….ALOT!, There were flood warnings in abundance and I experienced endless wet stuff and gusting winds of 80mph which were a surprise. The trees are in a mess, let me tell you, after months and months of heavy rain theres not much support holding them into the ground anymore and they can do without wind like that.

It was insanely busy, especially Heathrow T3 which was a nightmare of people.

It was warm, yes it was wet, but at 10C it was warm to me
I actually really liked being there. I was comfortable. I shared waves with other drivers when we let each other out and gave each other space to negotiate some flood across some road, or some pothole and there were many. I knew were turns of phrase meant all the time and what a raised eyebrow might indicate, along with slang terminology.

I spent happy hours shopping in M&S with one of my besties and am finally cured of Next. There was nothing in there at all to buy.
I had a shandy in a pub, chip shop chips, Tapas, a roast dinner, a Chinese and spent cheaply in Tescos.

I spent precious time with my family and my friends and crammed in every spare moment with people that I love. I partied with an excellent drag queen on the last Friday night and I slept a lot on the flight home.

 Now I am back and happily so, in Nova Scotia and I still love living here but you know what, I love England too. It’s a wonderful place to be.


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  1. I know what you mean about the trees! I remember a couple years before I moved to NS, we had an incredibly, unusually wet spring and summer. By the time the hurricane season came, we got hit by a very weak Cat 2 which was enough to completely devastate my town. It took no real wind force to blow down trees and telephone poles that were barely anchored in the ground due to all the rain that past summer. Luckily, England doesn't have to worry about hurricanes but the flooding is bad enough.