Wednesday, 26 February 2014

so over it

Ok, so I am done now (along with thousands of others no doubt!) and I feel a little pissey about it all right now.
Outside its minus 100 or something stupid. And I know its only the end of February so frankly this weather aint going nowhere fast and I KNOW this but honestly I am done with this malarkey.

Yes I love the good book in front of the fire combo, alongside my cup of Stash camomile and spearmint tea but I am missing out on the TV, that big old 50inch screen in the family room that's not got the fire blazing in it and it therefore quite a few degrees cooler than it is in our front room. I want to be back into HGTV and rodeo girls, not hanging out on Netflix on the Ipad anymore, bored of it all.

Yes the snow is beautiful and the way it crunches underfoot is a delicious sound but so is the heat and the smell of sunscreen, I am ready to swop!

I am tired of being bundled up to the nines to go outside, I want my t-shirt and flipflops back so I can stroll about in the evening feeling at one with the humidity.

I appreciate the running track at the sportsplex but I want to be back outside now seeing the early morning sunshine as I get out there for a 5km before work..

I want windows down, ceiling fans, AC, pool pump, smell of chlorine, beach days, grilled food out on the deck, laundry on the line, sand everywhere in the car and picnics back.

I want to want salsa and fish again and salad with everything.

I almost welcome the first mosquito that bites me, we shall high five and share a cocktail!

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