Friday, 7 March 2014

What I am up to

I just had the best birthday but I shall leave that for another post. Right now I am dragging myself through minus 27 in the wind chill temperatures and it feels like Spring will never ever show its face and at the same time having to read on Facebook about how it will be 16C in the UK this weekend - pffft!

So in an effort to get through these cold hideous and endless months of January through to April without benefit of a trip down South, I managed to watch the entire Series 1 of Pan Am on Netflix and what a series!!! I am beside myself that theres only one series, they canned it so there is no more in existence - WTH?!!!

I am living in hope that my running is getting back on track, today I ran 3km with hills and some of it was hard, it was also outside and I did it in celebration of our temperature of 1C today. The wind was icy but once I got into it, it was do-able and last weekend I managed a 4km track. It wasn't too too hard, it was definitely achievable but not easy as such. I hope to do it again this weekend, and a bike ride. I want to get on my bike again, damn this weather!

I am starting to sound obsessed with the temperatures here.

The girls started spring break this week and thank God we are not yet into the years of teen spring break and spring break trips that I can then worry about. We started the break in style with dinner at Pizza Delight last night where Chloe announced that it reminded her of Olive Garden - ah Olive Garden and Florida,... how I miss thee. She says their garlic mash potato rocks.

In my lost moments after I watched the last Pan Am I wondered around Netflix in a berefit fashion and found a series called Happy Endings. Its amusing. I like the title, I like the word Happy.

The weekend there is too much drinking planned for two nights in a row but who cares, its the weekend, wine is meant to be in that picture, oh and coconut shrimp, that's planned too. I feel the need for it!

Still haven't been skiing yet this season gggggrrrrrrrrr

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