Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday and our Third Canniversary

Oh my God its close to pleasant outside today. I simply HAD to get out there for a walk at lunchtime and although the wind was a little brutal at times, it was almost mellow March Nova Scotia weather. I have to add Nova Scotia weather because its like night and day compared to pleasant March UK weather which would be in the teens centigrade, flowers blooming and birds singing vigorously but I digress there….
March in Nova Scotia:
March in England:
The clocks went back at the weekend and we were plunged into darkness at my usual wake up time of 6am on the Monday morning and for some reason, I simply was not expecting it and it hit me hard. I was getting a little used to waking up to actual daylight and then lovely light through the blinds at 6.45am when I would go up for my shower. And all that was gone and we were back in darkness and it put me completely out of sorts.

Of course all this actually took effect on the Sunday but I was blissfully unaware as I got up so late and a little hungover from the red wine and cards late night of the night before. So the day just felt rushed with the loss of the hour. Anyway Monday wasn’t so good, I had to drag myself out of my funk about the dark morning, and I had to do it fast!
Its actually our Third Caniversary today, this time 3 years ago we arrived and it was exactly the same - from pretty bluebell woods to what was like the frozen tundra. Happy Canniversary to us!!!

I have just read online about Kim Kardashian dropping her Blackberry on the way to the gym, good old Daily Mail bringing us that very important world news. But I did read it because actually the Kardashians are my guilty pleasure and what sneaky advertising for the ailing Blackberry brand. I am not sure if they would be pleased or not…

I haven’t watched the show for a while! I need to put that right, I might start tonight. I love that they are not skinny women and they show off their assets in the face of all that ridicule and theres plenty of it after all (ridicule I mean) but they are also terrible females and their priorities are so way out from what mine and most peoples are, it’s a little like “real life” Dynasty. Always puts me in a good mood.

That and rodeo girls, what a show, what a bunch of diva badass riders with major drama, love it. Must get some more of that back in my life before the heat hits, the TV goes off, the pool is opened and my evenings consist of being outdoors again…..




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