Sunday, 13 April 2014

good weekend

Its been a great weekend. It started well on Friday by me being able to leave work at 5pm sharp and more importantly, leave it there. Work hasn't visited once this week end.

Saturday was a rainy day, cue drive down to Bedford Commons with full intentions, complete with budget to buy a lamp for the downstairs bedroom. It NEEDS a lamp, we have a friend coming to stay next weekend and there is nothing worse than having to get out of bed to turn a main light off. So me, myself and I set off and found exactly nothing remotely like what I am looking for, which is something like the blue one below:

But I did find the Easter egg aisles in Walmart, again. I had made a decision in the Walmart in NB to buy only Lindt and Kinder easter eggs for the hunt this year, no more of that God awful North American chocolate, so price was not the driving factor, but rather quality of taste. So anyway, I bought all my Easter eggs and therefore managed to spend $70 very quickly - WTH! But quality was the focus, that Lindt will be savoured!

Last night we went to a friends house for our first NY road trip planning meeting. I so love that we can drive to NY. Its awesome to me to have that choice. No more planes required to go to the US, we can just drive! So we huddled around a Thai and Chinese takeout and planned., I know that we are leaving at 4am and have a breakfast stop planned at 7am the other side of Fredericton, NB. The rest was in a bacardi breezer haze so I am not actually sure of the rest, but hey I am not the only one in the roadtrip, I am sure all will be good.

Today has been a wonderful weather day and hence I have been OUTSIDE. We had a family bike ride and the dogs have enjoyed two walks. Its been wonderful to be outside.

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