Monday, 7 April 2014

my gratitude list.

Its been ages since I was last on here, I guess I lost my mojo but today I feel the need to write a gratitude list and here it is, all the things I am grateful for, in no particular order:

1. My husband, hes my very best friend and in the last couple of years I have come to realize exactly how very precious he is.

2. My children, my two girls fill me with joy and wonder. Its just incredible to watch them grow up and be part of it.

3.Bravery, I am  a pretty brave person in many respects (not the horror film variety though), I love to travel, love change, love all things new and fresh. I am lucky, I know.

4. My friends, I love them. I am so lucky and so grateful for them.

5. My family. For years I kind of viewed my extended family as being of the messed up kind. But now I see that I am indeed fortunate to have so many people, many who are unrelated to each other as such, that love me and are my family.

6. The summer. I LOVE the summer especially here in NS. Its amazing and today its warm and sunny out after a LONG winter and I am so very happy because of it.

7. Florida. I Heart Florida big time and my family do it, so that's even better. We all adore Florida and one day, hopefully soon we will have a pad there to call a second home.

8. Horse and dogs, I have a special affinity with these two animals. I had horses once, we have dogs now, maybe one day we will have both simultaneously.

9. My wedding and engagement and anniversary rings. Love them.

10. Books, stories, movies, blog posts. Every written or acted piece that gives me that escapism that we all need.

11. My house. I love it. Its got an amazing ambience and its my soft place to fall. My Sunday morning, my Friday night. It holds all my furniture that's been collected over the years and keeps us all safe and warm all winter...

12. Dr Phil. He rocks!

I could go on forever......

Happy Sunny Monday


  1. you made a gratitude list! :)

    You are from the U.K., right? I've noticed that many British people LOVE Florida ;)

  2. Yes, I got my inspiration from your blog Ashley. I am from the UK and Florida is my happy happy place