Friday, 7 November 2014

back from St Johns

Its a Friday night, its finally stopped raining and I am home alone booted off of Netflix as we have only two users on our monthly fee and have lost both ipads. The girls are upstairs, one in each room, with an ipad each watching Netflix. Why cant they watch something together?

I was away for three nights for work in St Johns, although last night was hardly a night as I didn't get to sleep until midnight, it was party central in that hotel, and I had to be up at 4.50am for my flight home. Of course I woke up at 4am, because lets face it, that extra 50 mins of sleep at that point wasn't precious at all.

Got to the airport, through a seemingly endless line at security where I now seem to need three trays for all my stuff -  laptop out of its bag, ipad (essential Netflix whilst away), my phone, my handbag with all its charging cables (which likely alarms the scanner person although maybe (s)hes seen it all before), my clear bag full of lip balm, mascara etc, my coat, scarf, my boots, my belt..... it takes about half an hour to get this lot in all these trays and I am prepared mentally for it all before I even have my turn. (Many people are not prepared and they are they ones wearing all the lace up boots and with three laptops)
God only knows what it will be like when it gets really cold and I move onto my serious winter outdoor wear. I think I might faint with fatigue dragging it all through a heated airport......

So even with the threat of turbulence from the pilot  as I was snuggled into my scarf, covered by my coat, no legroom due to my laptop and bag shoved under the seat in front (got to make space for those people that WILL NOT check in anything) and with my new pillow thing, I was asleep as we took off.
I even missed the drinks round which was a shame because I was majorly thirsty.

This of course resulted in having to buy a Starbucks crème brulee, which I am not technically allowed due to its ridiculous calorie and fat laden count, while I waited for my little checked in bag to make an appearance.
I drank half and threw the rest out... took some willpower that did!

So here I am, nothing to watch, this is after all N America - there is nothing on normal TV, even though we pay an arm and a leg for it each month, hubby out having a beer with his mates, and no Netflix availability to binge watching The Killing (REALLY good)

I mean, I should be in the hot tub, its stopped raining.......

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