Monday, 8 December 2014

life in the travelling lane

I feel like I have become a pro at travelling to St Johns. I am starting to know the available flight times off by heart. I know that I like the wine on Porter and if I feel like an early 90's era evening flight experience then they are indeed the way to go with dark cozy ambience, never ending flow of free wine in real glasses etched with Porter, little snacks and old days British Airways uniform.  But beware seats 7 and 8 which are right next to the engines and this is a turbo prop plane with no entertainment which is probably just as well as you wouldnt be able to hear it - especially not in those seats!
So -good with a decent book.

Air Canada is still my favourite as its fast and comfortable, has entertainment but alas no free wine. But it has movies, not that you can watch a whole one as the flight is too short... but it has real engines and decent flight times so a good one to sleep on. But I dont want a seat with a higher number than 18 on it because it takes an age to get off the plane.

Westjet - love love love. Theres something just nice about being on a Westjet flight.

Last Friday I found myself up in the Maple Leaf lounge before travelling home on Air Canada, in one of those leather swivelling chairs with a glass of rather delicious crisp white wine in my hand. There were nachos and olives and salad and it was all rather agreeable, I watched the sunset over the runway through the panoramic glass.

I have learnt that I can get winter tires through Enterprise for a small fee (any fee is a disgrace frankly) and I do. That I like driving the Chevy Cruise although not sure if its enough to convince me to buy one and the Yaris uses so little gas that I dont need to refill the tank at all in my week there.

That I dont like a suite at the Marriot, I am happy with a plain old room, and that the Ramada there has great food.

I have learnt to never ever take an early morning flight again but rather to travel out the night before and leave to come home on the Air Canada 4.40pm flight so I am home through the door at 6pm in time for dinner... its all rather nice.

I am not quite a bona fide jetsetter yet but with these Marriot and aeroplan points racking up at speed - I may be there soon....

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