Monday, 4 May 2015

a catch-up

I have been horribly remiss at posting. Its been a long, hard, horrid winter to be frank and I was just about sick of it when we boarded the plane for 10 magical days in Florida.

There was no Disney involved (girls werent digging Disney at all) but we went to Islands of Adventure, enjoyed a lunch at Margarittaville,

 hung out in the tranquil Keys and ate everywhere.

 I got in runs all around Bahama Bay in Orlando and one wonderful, memorable run on the old 7 mile bridge in the Keys, check that one off my bucket list!

Saw this little shark from the 7 mile bridge (it was poss a big shark, I was 30 feet above it):

We saw a little water spout one day, it was awesome although Lily nearly freaked out:

It was a great family time and was amazingly, insanely hot. I loved it! Didnt love the no-seeums in quite the same way though.. they did their level best to ruin things. But,... nothing can ruin Florida for us.

Anyways, we have been home a week and this last weekend late Spring arrived on this little coastal peninsula of Canada and we welcomed it!

We hung out in the garden, had the windows open, hung laundry out (sweet!), walked ALOT and went to the Hurricane Hunters event at the aiport, love a freebie and this was awesome!

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