Monday, 1 June 2015

What to write about?

I have been trying to decide what to write about. We have been here over 4 years now and I see a trend, winter - white, cold. Major minus temps and snow storms and some drama, then tedium into a Spring that always sucks with mud and cold and grey and dead and late. It's always so late. Then summer - bugs, heat, humidity, happy happy happy with how hot it is. Then Fall - warm/hot, beautiful but winter is in the post.

All this has been interspersed with New Years resolutions, house Reno plans, new jobs and vacations (finally they are back) so it's all been a bit of a rinse, repeat lately. We are now hopefully settled in jobs, summer is back and life is sweet. Things and stuff that used to amaze me (big logging trucks, snow plows, beaches) are all normal now.

So... What's new?

I have settled into new pet hates ( didn't take much really) and routines which i habitually like to break up as life is too short. I am kind of tired of hearing about how people need to move west, the taxes are too high, the power company is a monopoly which is the ONLY reason in their minds as to why power costs what it does, Nova Scotia is the armpit of Canada, blah blah blah.

I don't agree with any of it and have to remind myself that it's because I have seen it another way but that doesn't make me the font of all knowledge at all....

So moving on I will continue to love this province, been amazed by some peoples viewpoint and try to still live every day a little differently.


  1. I get it. If it weren't for my recent renovation I would have very little to share... Same old resolution posts, weekend round ups, what-I-have-been-up-to posts etc... Very little substance. I find the warm weather, longer days and time spent outside helps me dig a little deeper when it comes to writing - so I'm looking forward to that.

    Oh and yeah, NOVA SCOTIA ROCKS... Just sayin'. :)

  2. yes it really does, I love this spot on the planet!