Monday, 14 September 2015

Hubby away in the UK

Hubster has been in the UK for almost a week now hanging out with his family, my dad and our almost family Angie. Hes eaten a variety of Brit food and I have been wildy jeaous but hes promised to bring back the French fancies and bakewell tarts ( but no aromatic crispy duck - I wish we could figure out a way for that one). Today he had lunch with my dad in this place:
The Friars Oak in Hassocks
And I suddenly felt an overwhelming longing to be there too. I have driven past this place since I was a little girl and of course spent time there. I even went so far as to lookup houses for sale on Rightmove. That was shortlived! All hideously expensive, too small, no land blah blah blah under $1m
There was one place that was going for GBP357k that was on a main road, too small and in dire need of renovation. Who needs it?!! And they dont have a proper summer. I got over it. (or a proper winter for that matter) But their spring is hard to beat...I will give the British Isles that.

So he comes home bearing goodies tomorrow and the girls cant wait. I have heard on more than 10 occasions how much they miss daddy and that "its not the same"
Of course it isnt. I have been in a state of mild aggravation all weekend because I just cant sit and do nothing as theres too much laundry, dishes, meals to cook, cleaning up to do, dog hair to remove and dogs to walk. And then of course we spend waaaay too much time at the barn because its so lovely there but it eats into all my time to do all the above.
I take my hat off to all the single parents, those with partners that work away or are in the military and those married to lazy asses. I dont know how you do it!

Quick weather update - still warm, it has a feels like 30C today although its horribly overcast out there and its rained all weekend so that back garden is back to being a bog, happy days,

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