Monday, 31 August 2015

Is Fall on its way already?

This last week has seen a marked differnece in the weather. In the day there is still overwhelming heat but the humidity is not so intense and its cooler at night. This means of course that darling hubby is back sleeping upstairs and I need to actually make an effort in the morning now with my appearance.
Its also going back to school week so the girls are bringing the out of control bedtime routine back down to normal, under duress of course but we have a plan.
Last night I imposed the 10pm lights out. This had been agreed in advance with the whippersnappers but was of course met by grumbles. They were out for the count within moments. High five for good parenting to me.
Tonight I am bringing it right down to shock horror 9.30pm! And tomorrow night too. And then on Wednesday night they will be in a normal bedtime for school routine. Wish me luck.

These cooler evening temps mean a return to the hot tub. This is rather nice. I love that its dark at 8.15pm now ( I know, I am weird) but the windows are still open , the crickets are still making a racket and I can put all my scentsy lamps on and actually see the ambience again.

Chloe is all about Fall, shes already making plans for chicken pot pie and Fall wardrobe choices. I am not 100% there yet even though I like the darker evenings. I am in no way racing back to cooler temps (you know COLD temps with frost and woolies and dare I say it SNOW) As far as I am concerned what we have right now can hang around for another couple of months, I still have beach plans.

Below are some pics from our weekwed tubing, it was rather fab, especially the slow fly by of the bald eagle.
We are go for launch:
He sat and watched us as we floated by:
 Lily and I:
 Goodbye Mr Eagle:

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