Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Halloween and my Fitness pal - yes they dont have to be mutually exclusive....

So I have failed dismally at really enjoying Halloween at its finest. I didn’t make toffee apples, I didn’t dress up (walking around in my Wonder Woman onsie under my winter jacket doesn’t count when you have short blonde hair!) I didn’t make my children amazing outfits and I didn’t manage to watch a Halloween horror movie – AT ALL!

I have come to the realization that my horror movie options are a tad limited. I cant do these new fangled ones with “jump scenes”, I can’t do chase, I cant do gore, I can barely do paranormal and that’s limited to pots and pans moving around on their own and absolutely does not include scenes of people twisted into abnormal grotesque shapes as they fight off some demon. I cant watch anything that suggests that 3am is a dangerous time to suddenly and for no reason wake up at night…

I decided to watch The Conjuring as it had almost 5 stars but sensibly opted to check out the trailer on you tube first. I didn’t make it through. Waaay too freaky for me.

So with a lack of easy to watch Halloween horrors on Netflix I gave up. Nothing on there that I can deal with. No Poltergeist, no original Amityville (the new one is hideous), no Scream, no Jeepers creepers, no Stephen King anywhere at all….

Girls were happy though, they came home with an abundance of sugar and fat laden treats that now mock me because I am not allowed them. I have decided to have a “good” November so that I can enjoy December (in a conservative eating fashion admittedly but still EAT without too much guilt tacked on)

We are now on November 3rd. 3 days in and I am updating my Fitness Pal religiously and climbing stairs at work like theres no tomorrow. I am embracing the 10 minute brisk walk from where my car is parked to the office and back (so 4 lots of that trip each day – get in!) and trying to ignore my inner voice that pipes up that its easy NOW of course as its not actually what one would call “cold” yet. I gleefully complete each day on that bit of software and its promised me each day so far that “if every day were like this you would lose like 10 pounds in 4 weeks” Now this all sounds good but I have in fact seen this before and I think it lies frankly to keep you going. Still that completion each day is still something to look forward to.
Watch this space... I am hoping to be able to report in at the end of this month that this time it told the truth.

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