Friday, 13 November 2015

my trip to England

Its raining outside - buckets! But its warm, at 12C I think its one of the warmest November 13th I have seen since moving to this spot on the planet.
I feel thankful that I have a window at work, the sound of the rain against the glass is soothing (although frankly it can stop by the time I need to leave work, please and thankyou)

So I had a week in England recently and it was pretty nice actually.
It was warm.
People know how to drive and I mean they know. I zipped around in a Kia Piccanto and navigated narrow streets and congestion pretty expertly if I say so myself. This is entirely due to the way English drivers conduct themselves and also due to my traffic jam attitude of "lets bypass the time of sitting here by gazing around at my surroundings" - namely the English countryside outside of Arundel - its beautiful there. (And I really miss stiles and footpaths and I was stuck right next to one - happy days).

I took in (in awe) the 89p price for 2 litres of milk at Asda (how are farmers feeding their cows?) and the 3 pounds for a bottle of wine - 3 pounds!!!
And it wasnt any old wine either, this is wine I would happily drink and did!
I discovered too that I had forgotten the depths of English bath tubs differ to Canadian ones. I nearly broke my leg stepping down way further than I had expected when getting out and taking a slide across the floor.

I ate way too much chocolate and spent way too much time getting lost. It was a case of "yes I can drive to Lingfield, absolutely" and then the realization that I can no longer remember which village is which and there is some distance between Lingfield, Cuckfield, Ditchling and Faygate. I had to resort to GPS and then I couldnt easily recall the best and fastest routes. I was a true tourist in my home country.

So back to here in Nova Scotia. Its raining, its warm, its windy and I am wondering if having winter tires put on in October (new ones too) was the smartest choice.


  1. Both England and Nova Scotia can have some wild variances in weather. You just never know what's coming. We were in Nova Scotia with our motorhome in June one year and we just about froze!

    1. I can so completely believe that. So far June has been a let down each year. Thank goodness for July and August