Thursday, 16 March 2017

6th Canniversary

It was our 6th Canniversary on March 12th. I partly cannot believe that 6 years has gone by and I partly feel like I have always lived here as its home to us. This is our normal.
People often ask me if we get to go home often and I always think, yes, every day. This is home.
I am really glad we feel that way because I honestly think that perspective helped in our settling in.

I was trying to figure out whats changed about me, from the UK me to the NS me and some of it is to do with growing older and some of it is to do with being immersed in this culture. Its easier to make a list so here goes:

  • I am more open to helping people, strangers, friends, whoever needs it, if I can. I have always been helpful but used to hold back for fear of my offer of help being slapped down.
  • I am less tolerant of some UK-isms that I see mainly on FB than I used to be. The term "jog on" is one that springs to mind that I dont care for.
  • I dont seek the city life. Halifax is a small city and it has all I need. I have come to realise that whats taken from granted in the SE of England and thats not here isnt something I ever think about.
  • Country music - love it.
  • Animals - we had a cat and I didnt ever envisage my life with another horse. Now we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 horse and another kitten on the way.
  • A filter - in the UK filters are for the most part undetectable unless you are at work. In fact most people are prouder of their lack of filter than concerned by their level of rudeness. My filter is still developing but I am more aware of being considered rude than the whole 35 years I lived in England.
  • Work life - I now use a variety of different terminology that I had never had on my radar before. Sadly I have dropped many British terms.
  • Road trips - before moving to NS a three hour drive to Wales was only considered once a year due to the distance, now New York (13 hours away) is totally feasible and done successfully.
  • Snow. I will drive in most road conditions now. I draw the line at lack of visibility but snow and ice on the road doesnt stop me.
  • Size of house. Our 2500 square foot house blew me away initially, now its normal
  • Pool and hot tub - considered something for the wealthy in my old English circles, these are completely for the average person where we live now.
  • Big trucks, 18 wheelers carting logs up the highway - yep all normal.
  • The coffee here - love it, drive with it, buy it for road trips, have it for breakfast.

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