Wednesday, 22 March 2017

March and April

March and April... months where I want it to be summer so badly. Every day when the sun is beating down on the car I am in I can almost imagine its hot outside, until I go outside.

The landscape is full of leftover snow, dead grass and is brown and sage green and grey. The trees are still lacking leaves or buds and even the evergreens look done with it all.
Snow flurries swirl around on the road. The air is biting cold still, and damp. The wind chill is not so bad as January but for some reason its too much to deal with now.

Its hard to imagine this province in the summer when the air is buzzing with crickets and birds and the highway shimmers with heat and surrounding trees are every colour green imaginable. Its hard to imagine that nature will ever be that vibrant again.

It sucking the enthusiasm right out of me... I really find these two months very very hard.

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