Friday, 7 October 2011

Tony and Lisas visit

I have been so remiss at updating this but it really is so painful to do on our laptop at home, I want to throw that machine out of the window!
I am going to try to do it from work one lunchtime each week as their computers actually work!
Anyway, we had a great week a couple of weeks ago when Tony and Lisa came to stay. They were only here for a week but we got out and about as much as possible in fabulous weather.
We hung out by the pool:

We went to Halifax with our friends Ruby and Steve too for a lovely meal at Stayners Wharf, I had the Panfried Haddock, it was gorgeous. We caught the ferry across and back from Dartmouth. Here is a shot of our trip back

On one of the days we went to Peggys Cove, which is a place I just LOVE. Its so serene and I could actually spend the whole day there, if I didnt have to hang on so hard to Lily. She was a pain in the butt as she kept wondering off and paid no attention to the warnings about the black rocks - I mean really!!

On another day we dragged everyone down the South Shore via the scenic route and had a picnic and wander about in Lunenburg:

where it was hot and I wished I had worn a t-shirt. We picked up some pretty nice gifts there and ate some extortionately priced icecream. Still we had a really nice picnic of bread and cheese pretty much. I love those simple lunches out in the sun.

On the way home we stopped off at Queensland Beach which is just stunning and makes up for the fact the water there is always cold. Girls didnt seem to care though, they got in there and got soaked all the same. I love the fact that they love the sea so much. I dont care if they get all their clothes wet and we have to conjure up something makeshift to wear on the way home.

We went to Melmerby too and spent some quality eating time at Montanas where everyone drooled over the steak and I of course had fish. I love fish in restaurants. Can I just say the Kapow shrimp is a must have there.

When they had to go back, it was very sad and now when I look at the pictures it almost feels as though it never happened. I guess we need to just get used to that, the sad side of being an expat.

It was a week of great weather with two rainy days slotted in and a couple of humid nights, we had some firepits, we shivered out there in the evening and we found ourselves too hot.
As I write this, two weeks later we are in a most bizarre week - weather wise.
It is Friday - on Monday it was 25C, Tuesday it rained all day hugely and was a gale out there, Wednesday it continued with the wet theme but much colder at 8C, yesterday the temp struggled to get above 4C and today its 11C, the weekend promises to be sunny and 22C! If I dont get a cold this week, I shall count myself lucky!

We have Thaksgiving coming this weekend! Our first here, am so looking forward to it.

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