Friday, 9 August 2013

August 2013

Its been a busy few weeks.
We had some friends stay from the UK, we hung out lots and went out for dinner at the fabulous Stayners Wharf and then wandered along the boardwalk.

When they sadly returned to the UK we had 2 days and then we went to PEI for the Natal Day long weekend with another family. It was great to be back there and I had a flashback to my youth when Ruby and I jumped into the pool in intense rain in our clothes. It was great to be so spontaneous and irresponsible - I had on my new glittery t-shirt (its survived), and the kids loved it! Its not often they witness me being a nut.

We ate out, we had fun, we ate BADLY and I mean really BADLY.
The mosquitos were BRUTAL. they were everywhere and they were feisty.

We drove back on the Monday into a thunder storm, always good fun to drive into the rain you can see in the distance.

Its taken me a long time to get back to any kind of form since my surgery and running has even been on the backburner. Thankfully, I have only gained 5 lbs but thats 5lbs in the wrong direction.

This week has been a return to health and exersize, Paul and I have joined the beachbody plan and our working our way through the Les Mills combat programme.
I will go back to running, just not right now, I am not feeling it.

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