Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wedding in NS

We went to the most magical wedding (after mine of course!) at the weekend where my Chloe was a flower girl and Lily was a guest as she couldn't handle being in the spotlight AT ALL

It was up in Windsor and meant staying away for the night in a hotel, big hurrah for the girls and we booked the Super 8 - not my thing, I have to say! The carpet and comforters were dark green and screamed 1983, I have realized that I am officially allergic to that style of hotel room d├ęcor.

The wedding was amazing, our two friends Sam and Kensa tied the knot outside a magically whimsical barn and I have been banned from posting any of their wedding photos online as they await the official pics.. so here are some of us attending that wonderful day:

It was a really nice venue with a great pool, where we hung out and drank too much sangria. And I mean LOTS of it...
Later on.........

I wish I had gotten more shots of the pool as it was very tropical and being right here in NS means I can have the same ambience in our pool at home, which of course, is also right here in NS!!!

There were tropical looking greenery in very nice planters, and a tiki bar., It was surrounded by some palm tree like trees.... so now I am on the hunt for similar green stuff and plan a massive overhaul of our pool deck next year. I mean, we spent out on the pump and the filter and the liner and new water this year,... lets add some ambience!
I think I may have to draw the line at the tiki bar though sadly, not quite enough space.

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