Saturday, 17 August 2013

where has my running mojo gone?

Its Saturday morning at 8am and I am sitting here on the old FB (again!) trying to drum up some enthusiasm to go for a run. This running lark that I used to do for fun is now feeling like a potential chore. I am not even sure I *can* run anymore anyway. Maybe I couldnt in the first place, I was hardly fast. I could go for 5km but it was slower than most people run for most of it, I got some speed up after the first 2km. I am a slow starter!

Since I had my surgery my enthusiasm for it has waned, it didnt help that for two weeks I could barely move around the house without feeling wiped out, but now its been 2 months and I am back to working out anyway so there is no reason not to get back out there. The weather is cooler already (whats with that?!!!) the air is warm but the humidity has eased back so its possible to do things again without feeling like you are in a sauna.

So frankly I am nervous of the results, of finding out that actually I am a pussy and cant do this anyway. So whats holding me back? It clears my head, its a great start to the day, the dog is waiting expectantly - hes a great running partner - my sneakers are looking at me. I should go and see how far I can get.....

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