Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Florida 2013 - Arriving in Orlando

I really think that our trip is in three parts. We were away for just two weeks, two weeks of wonderful and after many months of waiting, having the trip put off twice and then changing some details, we finally made it, and it was all kinds of perfect.
The Orlando segment felt like one vacation, the Keys week a seperate vacation and the final night back in Orlando another vacation. The differences in almost every way in each place made it feel this way.

Orlando - arrival

We arrived in Orlando International Airport after two amazing flights which started at 7am, which of course meant that we had to get up at the crack of dawn, you know that time when its cold and dark and actually you dont want to get up and go anywhere, even to your happy place.... I napped on both flights for the first time in 10 years! No babies or toddlers to entertain, look after, feed, comfort or restrain from kicking the back of the seat in front of them. They are now very independent well behaved little girls with the added bonus of Ipod Touches!
Anyway, we got there, and I got all emotional in the little train from the arrival gate into the main terminal.
We were then able to go straight to the car rental places, like the old pros of this airport that we have become.

We collected our rental car - a Chevy Cruze. Good on space and better still - economical! No more gas guzzlers for this family - we know our North American cars now!

We drove to Bahama Bay, checked in to a wonderfully familiar apartment and went straight for lunch in the heat in the restaurant there, it was bliss. I cried again!

I then left the family in the pool and checked out Super Target, (cereal was $2.99 a box!!) and came back happy, We went back in the pool and there we stayed, in there and in the hot tub, until it got dark out. We chatted to lots of different people and expressed disdain at being fined if you take your child out of a UK school on a trip in term time. We were suitably shocked but it doesnt really affect us, we live in Canada now....

When I got up the next morning, I sat out in the screened porch and drank my coffee and marveled once more that we were, in fact, actually here and it was hot and humid, my favourite kind of weather.

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