Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Florida 2013 - our rental home and a sunrise

We made new memories in the Keys and we also went back down memory lane. I cant write in detail about each and every day because there was just too much, like in Orlando but the points that stand out for me are:

The House We Rented
Was bliss, plain and simple. It was a typical Keys home in that it was tropical and fresh and rustic all at once.

(You can click on the photos if you want to see bigger ones)

It had its own beach and that made it perfect, for most of the days it was breezy there which meant mosquitos were minimal, the breeze made the climate comfortable and the sound of the waves was pure heaven.

When we arrived, in the dark, we could hear the waves but couldnt see them. We all unpacked and then settled down in the Lanai which ran the entire width of the rear of the house. We sat and listened and took it all in and breathed. We simply couldnt believe our luck.

We quickly got into a routine. I got up first and made coffee and had precious time out on the dock, then I went for my morning walk in the neighbourhood

and when I got back we all made breakfast which we ate around the big table out in the Lanai. Then we did something in the day and came back for the evening, where we sat and chatted and listened to the Ocean.
Some days we did nothing at all, I was at peace and totally in the present.
The girls played in their room alot with their monster high dolls when we were home and we just plain relaxed.

My Sunrise
One morning I got up at the 6am and got the coffee on, it was dark outside but all the time the coffee was brewing I could see the sky starting to lighten.
I got the camera ready and took my coffee and went out to the end of the dock.
I was a little freaked in all honesty, the sea was black and the waves noisy, the dock is fairly long and I felt a little vulnerable but I wanted to do this and it was an irrational fear to be afraid at that point.
I sat on that dock, sipped my coffee and photographed the sunrise. It was amazing.

I got a chance to play with the camera settings to try to capture the real sunrise that I was looking at. Unfortunately I couldnt capture the ambience,the feelings or the wonder of it. It was on my bucket list and I do have the memory (and these pictures)

This house Windswept Keys is amazing and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

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