Thursday, 7 November 2013

Florida 2013 - Orlando

We had a great time in Orlando. We went to Universal and Islands of Adventure and Magic Kingdom. Each day we had breakfast in the outside screened porch and on one particuar morning I managed a coffee and breakfast and two chapters of the book I was reading before anyone else surfaced. It was very peaceful.

I also found some new International Delight flavours in Super Target. We had "Salty Mocha" and it was very agreeable.

City Walk
SO exciting to arrive here after so long away.

I went immediately into the Ron Jon Surf shop and got a new pair of Reefs. They were so comfortable and I love them.

We mosied on through and mosied on back at lunchtime for our lunch at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville on the first day and the Bubba Gump Shrimp company on the second day. It was definitely worthwhile dragging ourselves miles down from the top of the park in Jurassic Park to come back out. It was cool and quiet and the food was pretty good in both venues. We also got all the answers correct on the Bubba quiz! We rocked!

I started a new trend on the first day of Fish Tacos, it was like an unofficial survey of all the fish tacos that I could get in the State of Florida, Jimmy Buffets were pretty good, they even came with black beans.

Islands of Adventure

The girls loved the Jurassic Park area and Hogwarts. They drew the line at the oh so scary rollercoaster though so we have no idea what that would have been like, but the castle was pretty believable.

They spent some of their allowance on "specimen eggs" in the Jurassic gift shop, they were insistent that they were the best use of $4 per egg - so they were purchased.
We did spend $8 on a locker and it was worth every cent. Not to drag sunscreen, water and souvenirs around in that heat was appreciated.
We watched the Hulk ride, no money on earth (unless it had 4 zeros attached to it) would get me on that ride.

Universal Studios

I got to go on my beloved ET ride, the girls were fairly unimpressed ( I wasnt, I still love it).

We saw some Transformers and Shrek 3D which was great fun.

It was extremely hot and sticky so I was pretty happy although it didnt make for very attractive photos sadly.
As Halloween was approaching they were advertising Scary Evenings with The Exorcist, The Shining etc, so we got out of there around 5pm. We were done anyway, time to head back for our evening meal and the pool.

Eating Out
In addition to our meals in City Walk we also went to Olive Garden as we have seen it advertised so much on TV and we dont get it in NS. The place was packed but we werent too impressed with the food in all honesty. It was ok. The house salad was terrible but the garlic bread and chocolate mints that came with the bill pleased everyone (small things).
I had an appetizer with my salad and it was ok, Paul had the calamari which was better. Chloes mac and cheese was just Kraft Dinner (at $5.95!!!) and Lilys pizza apparently had "funny sauce"

We ate twice at Bahama Breeze down in Davenport. Lovely food and outstanding cocktails with a great ambience. I am starting to sound like I am writing a review on Trip Advisor now, so in short, it was nice, I had the Fish Tacos again and they slid into the number one spot.

Magic Kingdom

We went here under duress in the day between our Universal days. I had misgivings as I am not a fan of Disney Orlando. As last time, we went up the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

We saw Princesses

 and went on Aladdin and the Ariel Ride. I managed to put myself through "Its a small world" one more time and the Jungle Cruise was very much like last time but without the crying children.
The girls loved it and were good, I appreciated it.

Thankfully it was still hot... and we had the evening in the pool to go home to - bliss

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