Tuesday, 28 June 2016


  • Behind in blogging two of the three trips I experienced in April and May
  • Loving that its summer finally here in N.S
  • Re-discovering life with a kitten - Misty arrived in May and shes a hit.
  • Enjoying being on the pool deck and being able to look up at the trees in full leaf and the blue sky, hear the breeze rustling the leaves and the hum of the pool pump
  • Planning all kinds of beach trips with the fam and my BFF (don't I sound about 10 years old)
  • Loving the work that I am enjoying with Ace. I am back into jumping, hes just learning and so we are working together and its good, enjoyable work.
  • Pumped that schools out for 10 weeks (yes 10! in your face 6 weeks of Brit summer time vacay that I used to think was endless), this means that there are no real bedtimes, no real mealtimes and no real morning stress - bring it!
  • Watching in awe all that's going on in the UK post Brexit and midly amused after yesterdays football game, that I have zero interest in, by the social media phrase "only England could leave Europe twice in one week"
  • Trying (albeit not that hard) not to get into arguments on FB about Brexit. I am really only interested to see where this goes, it doesn't really impact us (thank God)
  • Disappointed by all the British smuggery and antagonistic posts all over said social media by those in the "Leave" contingent since the vote.
  • Equally interested and a little nervous of what's going on in our Southern neighbour this year, who will be the new president???
  • Booking our next big trip to Florida
  • Looking into all the ways I can become an avid and successful airmiles collector, I had a convo with prob the best of the best of airmiles collectors and its practically a career
  • Running a house-hold budget to curb over-spending (at Tim Hortons) and trying to get this bank account back on track.
  • Hammering and chiselling and riding, being pretty active actually
  • Enjoying every single moment of the weekend - Friday night joy and late night movie, Saturday days out, Sunday morning dog walk and ride and chores - its all good.
  • Entering a whole new world of NS horse shows including barrel racing and English pleasure classes.

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