Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer - July in photos

Summer is marching on in a haze of hot and sticky nights and I of course adore it.
We have been to the beach - we went to Melmerby which is one of my favourites although frankly its hard to choose here, they are all beautiful. We swam in the sea its so shallow and calm there (oh and warm), hung out at the pool as its finally hit 80F, sat round the fire with spider weenies and smores - I discovered pear cider. Hung out at our friends cottage on the lake - that was an incredibly beautiful and restful weekend. We went to see a movie in the park, it was ET so I was beside myself, there's something incredible about watching a movie like that while the sky darkens around you and the breeze picks up in the trees.
I changed my front room into its summer "outfit" finally, I so love this house, theres just something about it. Although its not a ranch with a wrap around porch and it doesn't have a water view (two original items on my "must have" house shopping list) it feels good. Its in the best subdivision we could wish for. Its so wonderful in this house.

Below are some photos to get you caught up, in no particular order:
Our beach day - Paul and Chloe

Our beach day - moi

My summer living room. So glad it looks this way again,. Before I know it summer will be over

Alpine in the lake on the cottage weekend, he was in doggy heaven

Our typical Sunday morning walk. The dogs love this enormous puddle. I do too but right now there are many and I mean many deer flies around. I took out my phone to take this and about 10 landed on the screen. Ugh.
Lily at the beach, shes always collecting shells and stones that she simply has to keep.

Misty's usual spot on the couch, I think she approves of its summer look.

 Paul and Dukie at the cottage admiring the drop off the deck.
A trip on the boat to visit the neighbours for drinks.

The view of the living room I get from my favourite spot at the kitchen table. This house makes me very happy.

Coming back from our visit to the neighbours.

The view form the deck at the cottage - bliss

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