Saturday, 22 October 2016

An update of Fall so far

It feels like its been Fall forever, which is no bad thing as the season rocks. Warm/hot days, cooler nights, no bugs, sunshine, blue skies, red trees, pumpkin everything....

As per my previous post I have managed to achieve two items on the list, one of the items was achieved twice actually which makes me feel pretty darn good.

1. We took Lily to a real pumpkin patch. It was miles away, we drove there, picked said pumpkin under stormy skies on a warm day so it felt a little dramatic, in 5 minutes flat and then drove home. Lily was chuffed, Chloe it appears, feels too old for this now... (sad face)

2. I took Ace to two , yes two horse shows. We got a 6th in road hack at our first ever show together and then we went to Horses at Work for jumping where once I got over my tremendous nausea about jumping again, did ok. Its a start. I was beyond happy.

3. We have been to two family skates so far this year.

This is a short update as this laptop has lost its "E" key and its driving me nuts to use.

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