Monday, 31 October 2016

we lost Misty

Its been a heartbreaking few days. On Thursday night we lost our dear, sweet baby cat. She was out and we thought she stayed close to home. Clearly not as she was hit by a car.
In the seconds it took to take a call from our neighbours that she had been taken into the vet by a kind passerby my world, my happy world, changed.
She had been injured to the point that the vets believed euthansia was not only her best option, but the only one available. So that was that.

I feel devastated. She was so young, so unlucky in her short life, such a kind hearted warm little cat. We adored her as a whole family , even the dogs loved her.. they would check her over when she came in and lick her face.

She was so affectionate, even at 3am when I really didnt appreciate being woken so that she could put her head in my hands. Now, I would give anything for that.

So now, we are trying hard to get used to her absence and its very painful. I dont want to get used to this, I dont want for her to be decribed in the past tense. I dont want another day to go by since she passed away. I want her to be here, living with us, being loved by us.

This will be a hard road for a while and for anyone out there thinking well she was just a cat, there is no such thing when you are a much wanted, much loved family member. Our lives were better for her being in them.

Till we meet again Misty squirrel cat... you will be forever loved and missed.

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