Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Still feeling a little sore over our loss but coming to terms with it. I still cant walk the dogs comfortably round the spot where she was, or where I think she was.
We decided that we would get another cat and because it took our dogs awhile to get used to Misty we didnt want to much water to pass under the bridge.
We did some searching at a local cat rescue and came across a young cat who had been abandoned. She had had four kittens and been trapped by the rescue when they were around 9 weeks old. So no one knows if she was abandoned and then fell pregnant, was abandoned as she was pregnant or abandoned with her babies.
Nevertheless she lived rough for a while and was skinny and timid but happy to be caught by the live trap set by the rescue.

So we decided to give her a home and she arrived and promptly hid under the bed only coming out for food. We knew her babies were waiting to be adopted out and figured it would be beneficial to her to be with one of her babies and therefore also adopted her daughter who adores her.

The two remained super timid for a week and camped out under our bed. They have now started to come out and explore the whole house. Momma cat is named Miah and her daughter was named Oreo by the girls. Miah is very vocal and getting more cuddly by the day, Oreo is more timid but seems to enjoy cuddles more and more.

I dont know that I will ever get over Misty, she really was a once in a lifetime cat but its certainly nice to have these two in the house.

I got this photo of Ace the other day. I rather love it.

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