Thursday, 22 December 2016

A December pre Christmas update

I have been a little AWOL lately, so much good and some not so great going on that I have found it hard to write it up here, so anyway, heres an update.

The not so great
I have had a hard hard time getting over Misty. Its not my first rodeo in the losing animals dept but for some reason this hit hard. We still miss her and thats it really.

Riding for the season is pretty much over, the dark dark nights kick in at 5pm, its been freezing (minus 34 last Friday!) and ice is afoot everywhere.

The much good
I started a new job in October. I had some soul seaching moments about even attempting a job hunt initially as I liked the learning so much in my old one BUT and this is key, every time I said yes to them I said no to my family and my peace of mind. The requirement for working in my free time and the associated anxiety was only growing so I made the tough decision to call it a day. It was tough because I didnt relish being a new girl anywhere again and I was worried about making a bad choice.
BUT it was an easy decision really as I needed to be with my fast growing children more than spend all day at work, and all weekend, and (too often) all night.
It was a surprisingly fast turn-around on finding a new role (1 week) and after 4 weeks of notice period I started here in my new place. I am getting through the new girl yucky bit and finding my way. I adore the organization and the content of the job. My piece of mind and my free time are back. BIG Win!

We adopted a kitten that the girls named Oreo from a local rescue. Shes another "special needs" pet (we have three now, yay us) in that shes suffering still from Upper Respitory infection. So, she has a constant cold and yesterday added a sinus infection to her misery so now shes finally on antibiotics and I hope shes on the mend. If this carries on we will be buying shares in the vets!

Ace is doing well in his winter vacation. Hes fluffy and even the big minus temps we have been seeing dont seem to phase him in the slightest.

The whole house is a Christmas grotto (again). I am sure it was almost 5 minutes ago that it was last Christmas! We have three days left till the big day. We are almost ready.

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