Thursday, 29 December 2016

The end of 2016

Its coming up to the time of year again where I look back at all last years NY resolutions fails and make some more. So I took a look back  here at the 2016 New years resolutions way back in January

OK so I was chilled back then in planning, except to stay fit and get the interior of the house painted.
Well... I continued on that fitness plan well into the summer and it served me well. Since then I have been not so great but I am aware all the time of what I am eating and now I have new healthy plans (coming up in this years NY resolutions posts)
The interior of the house also was painted but frankly I had little to do with it... it looks great though.
Saving for vacations didnt go that well, we seem to be completely unable to do this.

So for this year, as January 1st fast approaches.....
  1. From hereon in (actually yesterday, December 28th) I am returning to the 21 day fix plan until my feet touch down in the State of Florida. I want to love my holiday photos, and fit into my shorts.
  2. Grow in my new job, as a leader and technically. I am proud of my career so just improving myself cannot be a bad thing.
  3. Continue my new foray into being less judgemental, critical and harsh. I have two sides of my personality ( I likely have more but these two stand out the most) where I am supportive, kind hearted and non judgemental. My other side is sarcastic, critical and sometimes cruel. That other side when it rears its ugly head leaves me feeling mortified. That character side needs to LEAVE.
  4. Return to drawing. I used to be good at it. I wonder if I can still do it.
  5. Improve my riding and enter all the shows this summer.
  6. Keep being present in my family's life. I am enjoying being so present, this is a gift that I treasure.
  7. Save money! (For Gods sake Natasha!)

Happy New Year and good bye fast leaving 2016. Its been a tough year for celebrity deaths but for me personally, I have no complaints.

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